Flap and Fly Free and Fully! 自由に充全に羽ばたき飛翔せよ!


Good morning!


We’ll have the Buddha’s birthday, called Hana-matsuri (花祭り), Flower Festival, tomorrow. “To be born as a human being is as rare as a blind turtle living on the bottom of the ocean coming up to the surface of it once in a hundred years, unwittingly putting its head into a hole of a floating log,” he said, “but to encounter the Awakened Way is far more rare.”


All living beings are blind about being karma machines, but humans are more blind in certain situations, space, and time, in various traditions. We must check where our buses go, nirvana or nadir. Sitting still is to still our karma winds, i.e., nirvana, to see the dharma and save all from suffering. To encounter and embody the Awakened Way is far more precious.


Like two wheels or wings for buses or birds to fare or fly free, continuity and concentration are two keys to open the doors to nirvana/awakening. Free-dom, priya-dhāman in Sanskrit, meaning beloved-domain, is to become familiar with one’s body, mind, and the world – how to cultivate and verify their postures, positions, processes, potencies, etc. into harmony.


For their free and full function, we must acquaint and adjust our bones, breathing, muscles, minds, environments, efforts, etc. into holy harmony, health, and happiness. Anyone can open the doors to limitless life, light, liberation, and love, like dropping off the bubbles of bodies, barriers, and merging into limitless oceans beyond and before the karma kinetic wheels.


4/7/18 Dharma talk
































The above pictures were taken and shared by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka



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