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Cooperation or Competition

  Good morning!   This is the first day of spring or the spring equinox, which we call Higan, Yonder Shore, meaning nirvana, because it is equal in day and night, chill and heat. We say heat and chill up … Continue reading

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Wakeful Way World

      Good morning!   Earlier this morning we had a very thick fog and it was difficult and dangerous to drive. Now with dawning the fog is dispelled and we can see dew on branches and daffodils on … Continue reading

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Unsurpassed Awakening in Unconditioned Peace

      Good morning!   We have a bright sunlit spring Sunday with our nice sittings and service. All springs up. Recently I received my paper on Zen and Science, edited with comments. I found that the unique Zen/Buddhist … Continue reading

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3/13: Socially Engaged Buddhism: Peace & Harmony    

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Nurturing Numberless

        Good morning!   We have our sesshin today with spring-like bright sunlight and warm weather. I received a book titled The Heart of Nurturing Together, by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, from Japan yesterday. I read only the … Continue reading

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