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Return to Dharma Dhâtu

Good morning!   We have now crisp, clear, and cool air with the beautiful morning star and Orion visible. We saw myriad stars in the great sky in the deep dark night during the Great Sky Sesshin.   There is … Continue reading

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Birth-Death Moment

Good morning!   When we are healthy, we can enjoy our early morning sitting. While I was at the Great Sky Sesshin, I tried walking on a tightrope and enjoyed it when supported by the person who provided it. Then, … Continue reading

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Law of Ability

Good morning!   We have a nice cool day and we can enjoy it especially as we sit. We can grow all kinds of flowers and fruits, if we cultivate land, water them, and take good care of them.   … Continue reading

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Settling in Practice and Seeing Birth-Death

Good morning!   After a long spell of hot dry days with drought disasters, we now have a very cool, clear, quiet day – maybe rain will come soon.   When we have our original wholly wholesome state, especially when … Continue reading

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Enter into Penetrating Purity, Peace, and Prognosis

Good evening!   We will have very a very cool night after very hot dry days. So, enjoy the cool, clear, and calm evening, especially with your sitting.   The Buddha found the best, unconditioned peace, called nirvana, stopping all … Continue reading

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Great Natural Happiness

Good morning!   Just before I came here I watched a TV program fromJapanon the Buddhist countryBhutan’s report on Gross National Happiness, not Gross National Product. At the time ofBhutan’s opening to the outside world in 1997, its leader introduced … Continue reading

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Jihi (慈悲), Friendship Compassion

Good morning!   We had nice compassionate rain last night. So, we have now a fresh green world with beautiful birds’ singing.   With the compassionate rain the world returned to being a wholly wholesome one, with harmony and happiness. … Continue reading

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Sowing Harvesting Here Now

Good evening!   This is the first day of autumn. It is the harvest season. Zen practice is sowing seeds and harvesting the results at the same time here now.   When we sit, we sit wholeheartedly with our whole … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds, Harvesting Harvests

Good morning!   Today is the first day of autumn. We have now cool air and dense dew with abundant singing of insects and cicadas morning and evening.   Autumn is the harvest season of what we sowed in spring, … Continue reading

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Function Free and Full

Good morning!   We are going to have a comparatively cooler day, 93 degrees, with the morning at 63 degrees especially cool. When we sit in zazen, we enjoy it all the more.   To enjoy fully, bring your posture … Continue reading

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