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Practice Perfects

  Good morning!   We have now many morning glories blooming at the front hedge, with a white one again. The many white morning glories I talked about one week ago – I found these are day glories, blooming late … Continue reading

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Making Death Desert into Life Land

  Good morning!   We have a cool and calm Sunday after sitting and service together, supporting each other for all. Late last night I forwarded a link to an NHK ETV Special, Not Weapons, but Water of Life: M.D. … Continue reading

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Practice and Perfection of Pure-land and Paradise

  Good morning!   Have you been enjoying the spring season? Spring is the season for all to spring up – animals and plants. Yesterday I trimmed the hibiscus trees, which had self-seeded and spread from the hedge, or rather … Continue reading

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Practice Perfects Penetrating Prognosis-Peace

    Good morning!   We can enjoy the splendid spring Sunday morning with beautiful flowers around us – redbuds, dogwoods, lilacs, cherries, plums, magnolias, and so forth, especially after sittings and service. We are, however, surrounded by many problems – all kinds of calamities and crimes, global warming, nuclear holocausts, hot wars, horrific terrorism, mass extinction, etc.   The Buddha, sawing the fire and telling the newly converted fire worshipers, said, “The world is on fire. The eyes are on fire. The ears are on fire. The noses are on fire. The ears…, the bodies…, the minds are on fire. The triple poisons are fire. The physical, verbal, and mental karma winds are feeding fuels and blowing fire, flaring up.   Nirvana is stilling the karma fuels and winds to peace and truth. Only in this unconditioned peace can one witness the unsurpassed awakening of truth. The Fukanzazengi, Universal Recommendation for the Right Zazen, tells the root of the way to be perfect penetration, purity, priya-dhāman (freedom, lit. beloved domain), and presentness.   Gandhi said, “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” Me-ism, materialism, militarism, and money-ism can never be the way to peace, but to wars. Prajñā (prognosis, awakening), purity, priya-dhāman, and peace are the only ways to a harmonious, healthy, happy, and holy (wholly wholesome) way – though present in person, only practice makes perfect.   4/12/15     … Continue reading

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Wakeful Practice in Peace and Prognosis

Good morning!   Now we can enjoy cool, moistened air with the sound of rain dripping on the leaves. Plants and animals have been renewed and rejoice in their fresh forms and colors with the compassionate rain very early this … Continue reading

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Practice Is Primary Power

Good morning!   We are in a drought stricken disaster area. Bean and corn crops are damaged. Feed and food are becoming scarce. Plants and animals are distressed.   When we lack water, life is lost and cannot be revived, … Continue reading

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Holy (wholly wholesome) Practice

Good evening!   We now have successive hot dry days. So, plants and animals are dried and in distress. They need water, not just on the surface, but deep and dense enough. Otherwise roots and limbs can’t develop well, easily … Continue reading

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Wake-up Practice

Good morning!   Even though we are going to have three digits temperature for a while, when we wake up early and go into open air, we can enjoy fresh and cool air with abundant stars, birds’ singing, beautiful flowers … Continue reading

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Fresh, Free, Full Function

Good morning!   When we sit with all the windows and doors open, we can breathe the fresh morning air, enjoying all kinds of sounds, smells, colors, contacts, freely and fully.   Mahâ assâsa, great repose, literally means the great … Continue reading

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Truth Grows with Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness

Good evening!   On the way here I saw a big Sieboldi Magnolia tree blooming with bigger flowers than those in my yard. The bigger trees grow, the bigger flowers and fruit they bear. My apple tree didn’t bloom for … Continue reading

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