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  1. Goose feeding koi 2. Mitsudo shared video. 3. Black swan feeding koi 4. Goose feeding koi 5. Swan and goose feeding koi 6. Bird feeding koi 7. Cardinal feeding gold fish     (comment: 6 times at most a day)

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One with World

  Good morning!   When we get out into the snow world with the five degree air temperature, we become one with it.   When we climb a mountain, we become one with it, surrounded by the air and environment.   When we walk up the Awakened Way mountain, we become one with it, with the air and environment of unconditioned peace and unsurpassed awakening.   1/3/14        

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Sin = Separation, Holiness = Whollyness

Good evening!   I forwarded “A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Between 1945-1998,” showing 2053 nuclear explosions from 1945 through 1998, to our e-list. The explosions caused radiation disasters and resource damage. These and other problems come from the … Continue reading

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Rain Penetrating through All

Good morning!   After the long spell of dry hot weather we have now compassionate rain over all plants and animals. When we sit upright, stable, solid, and serene, the rain penetrates through our bodies, minds and the world, permeates … Continue reading

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