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Wholly Wholesome Way World

Good morning!   Dogen, in his Genjokoan, Realizing Universal Truth, says,   Cultivation and verification by carrying around the self is delusion. Cultivation and verification of the self by all dharmas coming forward is awakening.   Awakening is seeing and stilling the delusion of the self. Until then there is no awakening. Awakening is accepting and appreciating the wholly wholesome way world in free full function.   2/20/13          

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Selflessness: Source of Serene Satisfaction

Good morning!   I hope that we can have a new, good day, hopefully a sunny spring day. Sitting upright, breathing fully, and settling in peace and truth, make a good day, every day.   Just before arriving here, I turned on the car radio and picked up just these words, without context, “Sefishness everywhere.”   Selfishness is the source of suffering. Selflessness is the source of satisfaction. Selfishness is the source of struggles. Selflessness is the source of serenity.   That’s why we must sit, stop our karmas, see the Dharma, and settle in nirvana, unsurpassed peace, and unsurpassed awakening. This is the source of solutions.   That is why the Buddha illustrated the King Mirror, reflecting blind people touching only a part of an elephant and fighting for their partial findings, and taught us thus:   “Better than the one who would conquer thousands upon thousands in the battlefield is the one who would conquer one’s self. That is the true war conqueror.”   2/18/13  

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Seeking Self or Other

Good evening!   The moon is now approaching almost the half moon phase from the full moon one, and thus the world is illuminated by half.   The Buddha said to youths who were chasing after an improvised girlfriend, running … Continue reading

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