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Afterlife or Beforelife

Good evening!   After a spell of chilly days going down below freezing point, we had a warm day today with colorful autumn leaves on the trees and on the ground. Bare trees are not dead trees, but the frost bitten annual flowers are dead. This morning we had a dense fog, dangerous to drive in with some traffic accidents. We may be involved in traffic accident and die, even young and healthy. Once dead or burnt, we or trees lose life in a white wash like frosted plants or frozen planet.   What is life? I consulted the Britannica Encyclopedia and found it saying that there is no generally accepted definition of life and that the average person also tends to think of life in his own terms. Death may be clearer about things with no life function. What is life function? Is it free and full? Isn’t our life and its function limited and least learned? The Buddha said that all living beings are karma heirs, karma relatives, and karma machines, thus limited by karmas. We must make it free and full.   He opened the way to stop karma machines, to settle in nirvana, unconditioned peace, and to see the Dharma (Form/Norm) of Dependent Origination, which any one can witness and work for our free full function. The Dharma or Truth of Dependent Origination is that all phenomena are interdependently co-originated, which means there is no “self-same, self-sovereign, self-substance” or a permanent independent Self or Soul, but all phenomena are interdependent throughout space and time.   This means that we are not small separated skin sacks like limited bubbles as we usually think, but wholly wholesome way worlds like the limitless sea with water, wind, the moon, the sun, stars, and the whole universe of 15 billion years with gene- shared sisters and brothers – bacteria, plants, animals, mountains, rivers, seas with cells, organs, heads, hearts, haras (guts), bodies, brains, blood of 4 billion years working with all here and now. Our delusions, desires, and divisiveness, however, are limiting us and driving us to global problems and precipitation such as global warming, wars, mass extinction.     Religion (from Latin re-ligare) is “re-union” with the primordial and ultimate holy (= wholly wholesome) truth and unconditioned peace – holy harmony, health, and happiness from sinful (= separated), selfish sickness and suffering. We can not have the universally acceptable definition of life, but can have the concrete free full function of life here and now. It is not arguing about the fingers pointing to the full … Continue reading

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Reminder: Event This Afternoon : Movie (How to Cook Your Life) & Discussion

Please come and see “How to Cook Your Life” based on Dogen’s “Tenzo-kyōkun” (Lesson for Chief Cook Monk).    

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Mindfulness Day Event: Movie (How to Cook Your Life) & Discussion

Please come and see “How to Cook Your Life” based on Dogen’s “Tenzo-kyōkun” (Lesson for Chief Cook Monk).     Those who can not come and see it may appreciate it here:  

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Life Is like Mountainineering

Good evening!   We don’t know when the impermanence takes over us. We may get involved in a traffic accident. One of our members went to meet her bosom friend who unexpectedly passed away in a traffic accident.   Our … Continue reading

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Life Comes First

Good morning!   Now it is bright, but early in the morning I saw the beautiful crescent moon and the bright morning star in the east.   Our practice is to see both day and night, not just one side, … Continue reading

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Life Threatened

Good morning!     Our early morning sitting lets us witness the sunrise gradually getting later and later and the moon manifesting smaller and smaller day by day.   The rain we enjoyed have passed and again the hot sun … Continue reading

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Life like Candle Light

Good morning!   We have now bright, still, straight, and serene candle flames burning in the windless room. Likewise we can enjoy quite clear and calm state in the windless state of karmas.   When we go out of the … Continue reading

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