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Samsara (Karma World) & Nirvana (No-karma State)

  Due to the extreme cold, heating my car made its windows clouded. Without experience this can make one panicked and involved in an accident. If, however, one knows the causal relations involved, one has no problems. The karma world … Continue reading

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From Karma to Nirvana

Good morning!   Yesterday was the winter solstice. Since last night the rain changed to snow, and we saw the white world this morning. All things are covered by snow into white, without colors and forms. At the summer solstice … Continue reading

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Awakening above Karma Clouds

    Good morning!   Yesterday I received pictures of mountains from Mr. Otsuka taken by our friend, Mr. Hirasawa. Like the picture of mountain ranges above clouds, we can come above the clouds of karma or the karma world. … Continue reading

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  Good morning!   We have a cool and clear Sunday, especially after sittings and service. We could see the renowned mid-fall full moon this morning, though we could not on the exact day due to clouds. We say Moon-face … Continue reading

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From Karma-machine to Dharma-maker

  Good morning!   Rain made the dry summer scene into the rainy season. This may be a part of global warming. Yesterday I saw our grandchildren, just over two years old, carrying big cantaloupes, holding them firmly from farm … Continue reading

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Wakeful Way World

      Good morning!   Earlier this morning we had a very thick fog and it was difficult and dangerous to drive. Now with dawning the fog is dispelled and we can see dew on branches and daffodils on … Continue reading

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Unsurpassed Awakening in Unconditioned Peace

      Good morning!   We have a bright sunlit spring Sunday with our nice sittings and service. All springs up. Recently I received my paper on Zen and Science, edited with comments. I found that the unique Zen/Buddhist … Continue reading

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Samsara Suffering or Supreme Solution

    Good morning!   After yesterday’s snowfall with chill, we have now a bright sunny Sunday morning with sittings and service. Interested in the title of “Heaven and Hell,” I took a look at Kurosawa’s film on the Internet … Continue reading

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Thicket Doctor or True Doctor

  Good morning!     We have a calm, cool, and clear Sunday morning after sittings and service, especially after yesterday morning’s snow. Yesterday I watched a TV program from Japan featuring Dr. Yoshiharu Sekino that traced back the Great Journey of humans from Africa to South America, starting from the southern tip of South America, through Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flat at Uyuni), Siberia at -120 degree, Gobi Desert caught in sand storm for 5 hours, back to where the footprints of an adult and a child (Australpithecus afarensis) fossilized 3.6 million years ago.     The Yanomamis accepted him as a medical doctor smoothly, even though he first hesitated to interfere with the shaman doctor’s authority, because the shaman doctor himself asked him about his headache. It actually came from an overdose of intoxicants, which usually made him say that spirits were causing the sickness. We must distinguish a true doctor from a thicket doctor (yabu-isha in Japanese) who cannot see through the thicket or find a way out. There are a lot of thicket doctors in our political, economic, social, and cultural fields who cannot see far enough through the thicket or find the way out.     The Buddha found that all living beings are caught in a thicket or jungle of karmas and prognosticated the way out of it. This sitting is stilling karmas and seeing the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination. Nirvana is stilling the karma-wind (goppū, 業風; formations: saǹkhāra: new and old three karmas: bodily, verbal, and mental as the prime mover of the 12-limbed Dependent Co-origination for consciousness, suffering, and samsara; “the rampant Five Aggregates – karmas – in short are all sufferings”). “The right Dharma- eye is in the exquisite heart of nirvana.”     Anyone can witness nirvana-awakening in solid sitting, shift societies to change artificial uni-directional pyramidal civilizations fighting for money, matter, and militarism to a natural cyclical Indra-net culture for life, heart, and peace. Anyone can save ecology- environment in systemic, sustainable, saving, safe, and simple ways. The true cause of wars, terrorism, global warming, mass extinction, etc., is our fivefold karma calamity of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination. We are saved by the … Continue reading

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Endless Enmity or Perpetual Peace

    Good morning!     We have a bright sunny Sunday morning in peace and truth after our sittings and service. All over the world, however, we have dark days of death tolls – 129 killed and more than a few hundred injured by the terrorists’ bombs and shootings in Paris. We may see vengeance after vengeance – an endless tit for tat, by all means.     The Buddha said, “enmity is never appeased by enmity, but by non-enmity. This is the eternal truth here.” So long as we remain in the karma realm, we want to conquer the enemy – enmity endures for eternity. He said, “Better than conquering thousands upon thousands is conquering one-self. This is the true conqueror.”     He provided the way to still our karmas and see the dharmas of unconditioned peace (nirvana) and unsurpassed awakening (bodhi) in perpetual peace and total truth. It is this sitting and stilling bodily, verbal, and mental karmas (actions, functions, habits, heredities). Anyone can cultivate and verify it.     Karma creates me-ism, materialism, militarism, and money-ism, causing wars, warming, extinction, etc. with delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination. Dharma donates limitless life, light, liberation, and love, delivering peace, prosperity, etc., with awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace.     11/15/15                     … Continue reading

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