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Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, …

  Good morning!   We have a clear cool atmosphere after the Sunday sesshin sittings and service and the fall equinox. We call the equinox higan (彼岸), yonder shore, meaning nirvana. Sesshin means embracing the mind (接心) and touching the … Continue reading

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Honsho Myoshu: Original Verification Exquisite Cultivation

    The Soto Shikan-taza (只管打坐:Total sitting) is Honsho Myoshu (本証妙修: Original Verification in Exquisite Cultivation). As we sit and still our karmas, we settle in nirvana (windless state from karmas) and bodhi (verification or awakening of it). simply sit, not expecting enlightenment. … Continue reading

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Tomo(友:共):Mitra (Friend, One-with, from Mit: Together)


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Good Friends (Kalyana Mitra/Mitta)

Good morning!   We live in the world of interdependent co-origination. Our life is dependent on the environment which is then dependent upon with whom we live. Our life is good if we have good friends, and bad if we … Continue reading

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Jihi (慈悲), Friendship Compassion

Good morning!   We had nice compassionate rain last night. So, we have now a fresh green world with beautiful birds’ singing.   With the compassionate rain the world returned to being a wholly wholesome one, with harmony and happiness. … Continue reading

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