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Sitting Striving: Shedding Suffering

  Good morning!   We have a bright beautiful morning after a fortnight since the winter solstice, gaining daytime. We usually say, “Happy New Year!” Shall we seek happy happening, desiring brain expansion or discarding this planet as I mentioned … Continue reading

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Primordial Peace Prognosis Practice

  Good morning!   We had a nice, clear, cool sitting despite severe weather at the end of the year. Yesterday I watched an NHK Educational TV program on “Man and AI, the Future at Hand Now.” Raymond Kurzweil mentioned … Continue reading

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Awakening above Karma Clouds

    Good morning!   Yesterday I received pictures of mountains from Mr. Otsuka taken by our friend, Mr. Hirasawa. Like the picture of mountain ranges above clouds, we can come above the clouds of karma or the karma world. … Continue reading

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Awakening and Action

  Good morning!   We are in Rohatsu (12/8) sesshin, commemorating the Buddha’s awakening on this day, usually with a week sesshin from 12/1. Sesshin is touching and embracing mind/heart through sitting, stilling karma, seeing the Dharma. Dogen said, “without … Continue reading

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Awakening or Annihilation

  Good morning!   Yesterday I forwarded an article on Trump’s nuke expansion tweet frightening Chomsky, and a national security expert tweeting: But imagine having to turn launch keys not knowing if we are under attack or if it is … Continue reading

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Severing Fluxes and Saving from Flooding

  Good morning!   With the time change we have a beautiful bright Sunday morning after serene sittings and service. I forwarded a National Geographic film titled Before the Flood to our listserv. The Flood this time is caused by … Continue reading

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Living Awakened Life

  Good morning!   We have a calm and cool Sunday morning after sittings and service. The Buddha called sitting meditation the “come and see way, good in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.” He was said … Continue reading

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    Good morning!   We have a cool and calm morning with sittings and service on a bright Sunday morning with snow. Heavy snow storms are raging over the East Coast states, Japan, Korea, and Europe, breaking century records. Our social and individual lives are in a similar situation. On the way here we could see the bright, beautiful, full moon. The full moon represents the Buddha heart, with its round, clear, calm, perfect light illuminating the whole world.   Buddhism is the Buddha’s teaching and the teaching to become Buddha. The Buddhist goals are nirvana and Bodhi (awakening), like both sides of a mirror to reflect. The Buddhist ways are viewing and cultivating the way, like both wings to fly. These are child of five may know it,” Rev. Bird’s Nest said, “Even an old man cannot do it,” with regard to the common precepts of all Buddhas:”   Doing all the good, Avoiding all evils, Purifying one’s own mind, Is the teaching of all Buddhas.   All Buddhists cultivate the Triple Learning of morality (sīla), concentration (samādhi), and prognosis (prajňā). Zen (jhāna), stilling (bodily, verbal, and mental) karma, leads to Samādhi and nirvana, which include all of these things. Prognosis or awakening knows the Buddhist principles of the Four Holy Truths, Twelve Dependent Origination, and such Buddhist practices as the Triple Learning, Four Limitlessness, Six Perfections, Eightfold Holy Way, etc.   All Buddhists are Bodhisattvas (Awakening-beings), the title originally given to Gotama while striving for awakening, aspiring in the Four Universal Vows of saving all, severing all defilements, learning all Dharma gates, and achieving the Awakened Way. Aspiring and activating, seeing and cultivating, makes achieving, just like walking makes advancing. Stilling karma is seeing Dharma, cultivation is verification, sitting is witnessing nirvana and awakening here now.   1/24/16   Note 1. A mirror needs both sides – one side to let light go through and the other side to stop and reflect it for a viewer to reflect and see the image, in cooperation with it.  It is not a case of a two-sided mirror.  It is the case of two sides of a brain coordinating, … Continue reading

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Free Full Form Function

      Good morning!   Last night I forwarded to our listserv my translation of the Fukanzazengi (A Universal Recommendation for True Zazen) now available in free pdf format from the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (Association for the Promotion of … Continue reading

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Attaining Awakening and Avoiding Annihilation

    Good morning!   After sittings and service we are in the quiet, calm, and clear world. This is the time, with events all over the world, that we reflect on the end of WWII with the first A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nukes present the most imminent possibility of global holocaust, with about two thousand war-heads at hair-trigger alert aimed at cities and centers in the US, Russia, and other countries totaling 16,000 bombs. The inevitable global catastrophe includes global warming and mass extinction, if we continue business as usual.   The Buddha foresaw the end of the world due to the Triple Poisons of desire, divisive- ness, and delusion derived from human karmas, and he provided us with the solution for it. This sitting is the exactly the way to still karmas, see the Dharma (Norm/Law) of all dharmas (forms/phenomena), serve all, and save all beings. Dogen said that awakening is not attained with the mind, but with the body. Enlightenment is not ideas or intellectual understanding, but witnessing nirvana, cessation of the karma wind where awakening dawns.   As I mentioned the other day, an NHK special program had featured how animals developed eyes, borrowing plant sensor genes. Another one showed how mammals shifted from egg laying to fetus carrying and baby nursing, which promoted the mother-baby bond . The third, on the mammalian revolution, discussed the evolution of intellect through brain enlargement, sense integration, and especially communica- tion through language development. It is possible that these attributes distinguished homo sapiens from the Neanderthal.   Sight, heart, and mind, however, can be misused by the Triple Poisons, especially by the delusion of the separate Self. The far-sight by eye-sight in standing and sense- extension with tools is unique, but we must have a true insight into karmas with prognosis. The heart-mind must meet this and master holiness (wholesome whole). The head, heart, hara (guts), body, bacteria, bio-spheres, etc. must meet the holy Dharma world, the body stilled and settled in nirvana, seeing from the supra- mundane, karma-less truth, saving all.   8/9/15   Note: The secretion of liquid to prevent laid eggs from bacteria with milk-like … Continue reading

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