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Good morning!   It has started drizzling now. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in this area. This morning I got the news of our member’s relative’s death and a request of officiating a marriage ceremony . Marry and bury are daily happenings for anyone.   Cherry blossoms are famed for their mass flowering especially when they are with the mass group, but also for their incessant mass falling especially when it rains or winds “The vain cherry of the mind expecting tomorrow may fall by the night storm.”   Let us sit with the whole body and mind here and now to realize unconditioned peace and unsurpassed awakening and to taste amrita, ambrosia of immortality, beyond the wind of karmas, and before the rain of impermanence let the beauty of life fall off.   4/15/13     Note:   Asu arito Omou kokoro-no Adazakura Yowa-ni Arashi-no Fukanu monokawa? 明日ありと 思う心の あだざくら 夜半に嵐の 吹かぬものは  

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Good evening! Just before I came here, I watched the news from Japan, which reported on a father who lost all six of his family members in the Tsunami two years ago. Bringing photos of his family, he attended the local primary school graduation  ceremony to receive his youngest daughter’s graduation diploma.    School graduation ceremonies are taking place all over Japan now. We say graduation rather than commencement, because students are graduating from  many years of studious studies with “the light of fireflies and that of the windows’  snow,” as the Japanese song set to the tuen of the Auld Lang Syne says.       Auld Lang Syne in Japan is the farewell song at schools and ships’ departures, etc. … Continue reading

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Time Waits for Nothing!

Good morning!   The moon is quickly approaching its crescent moon phase. The month is advancing swiftly to windy winter.   Time waits for no man – nothing! This is the gravest reality. This requires the greatest readiness.   10/9/12 … Continue reading

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Equinox Equipoise and Sudden Storm

Good morning!   After the equipoise of fine days during the autumnal equinox, suddenly we had a severe storm warning and heavy stormy rain last night.   So, we see many fallen leaves and branches this morning. We may have … Continue reading

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Birth-Death Moment

Good morning!   When we are healthy, we can enjoy our early morning sitting. While I was at the Great Sky Sesshin, I tried walking on a tightrope and enjoyed it when supported by the person who provided it. Then, … Continue reading

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Strive Hard Remisslessly!

Good morning!   Fast from the full moon there is now the thin crescent moon now with the bright morning star in the sky. The day is getting shorter every day.   “All phenomena are created and ceased on causes … Continue reading

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Flowers Fall

Good morning!   We have been having the strong wintry wind since last night. So, we saw many fallen branches on the roads this morning. He had to drive carefully not to hit them.   There is a waka (和歌) … Continue reading

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