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Dana Biosphere Reserve by Garyo

      Two hours south of Amman and close to King’s Highway lies the Dana Biosphere Reserve. My son Lorenz and his wife Ale joined us for a two day hiking experience.               … Continue reading

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Wadi Rum by Garyo

    Wadi Rum, the biggest Wadi in Jordan, is located in the south of Jordan and dedicated as a World Heritage site. Because of it’s beauty, Anna-Sophie wanted to do some hiking in it. We were picked up by … Continue reading

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From Adharma Karma to Dharma Nirvana

  Good morning!   We have a bright beautiful morning with crisp cool air at the time of the equinox, neither hot nor chilly, higan, nirvana, beyond vicissitudes. We had good news of the Nobel Prize being awarded to ICAN, … Continue reading

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Between Petra and Wadi Rum by Garyo

      It would take 6 days of hiking from Petra to Wadi Rum. Anna-Sophie and I hiked part of the trek for one day. We started in an area where heavy fighting took place between Israel and Jordan … Continue reading

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Three Days Hiking in Petra and Surroundings by Garyo

  Dear friends, This September, I was hiking in Jordan and visited Jerusalem, Jericho and Bethlehem. I would love to share my experiences and impressions with you. I hope you enjoy the virtual hike in this beautiful part of the … Continue reading

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Nirvana-Awakening for All

  Good morning!   A week after the equinox, higan, yonder shore, nirvana, we have weather neither hot nor chilly due to global warming. The Buddha said that the limit of the world is not reached by walking. Nirvana is … Continue reading

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Adharma to Dharma

  Good morning,   We have a bright beautiful equinox day, which is identified as higan, yonder shore or nirvana, for which we are sitting our sesshin today. We say there is heat and chill only up until higan, but … Continue reading

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Karma Kinetic to Dharma Dynamic

  Good morning!   We have a beautiful bright Saturday morning, especially after sittings and service. We have, however, a lot of dark news in the world – climate change, mass extinction, racism, and nationalism with possible nuclear wars at … Continue reading

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Final Attainment in First Aspiration

  Good morning!   Thank you for gathering together to practice on Saturday as well as to celebrate my birthday. This is the best gift for me, for you and for all, because this practice is the best gift for … Continue reading

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Sitting Stills Karma, Sees Dharma, Saves All

  Good morning!   We have a sunny Saturday morning with cool, crisp air, especially after our sittings. We also have, however, our dark world with hot, heated heads. A sphinx asked travelers the riddle of a creature having one … Continue reading

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