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Paradigm Shift

    Good morning!   A few days ago I found a white morning glory on our hedge, which I’ve never seen. This morning I found abundant white glories on a stony slope on the way to here. We have … Continue reading

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Wholly Wholesome Way World

    Good morning!   We have fresh fall, clear, crisp air. We have now a clear crisp world after sittings. We have hibiscus flowers at the altar and around our garden. They all started from a small hibiscus bush … Continue reading

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Come Continue Cure-all, Care-all!

  Good morning!   We have a beautiful Sunday morning with cool crisp air in sitting. We are almost starting autumn with abundant flowers and fruits. We have beautiful flowers here. The first Zen koan of the Shoyoroku is the … Continue reading

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Source of Limitless Life, Light, Liberation, and Love

  Good morning!   Today is Mother’s Day, when we appreciate mothers’ grace. It’s said that a mother’s grace is deeper than the ocean; a father’s grace is higher than the mountain. Mothers bear, foster, and even sacrifice their lives … Continue reading

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Triple Treasures

  Good morning!   After successive rainy days with flooding, we have now a clear sunny Sunday sky. After successive sitting, we have now a clear calm world. We have the Triple Treasure, true treasure, anyone can enjoy any place … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

  Good morning!   Dogen said, “Even though this Dharma is abundantly endowed, it never develops without cultivation, it can never be attained without verification.” His Recommendation for the Right Zazen recommends that all cultivate and attain this Dharma, Buddha … Continue reading

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Films Created by Our Members

Here are films our members created: Produced by Cole Hieronymus: 1. Colorado | True Nature – Hier Films   2. “Life is a Pattern.” – Alan Watts | Who are we?    (scenes from St. Louis region) Preview … Continue reading

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From Karma to Nirvana

    Good morning!   We have now beautiful magnolias, daffodils, forsythia, plums, and pears blooming according to the universal natural law. However, humans are now blasting the holy harmony of the natural world due to their individual karma idiosyncrasies. … Continue reading

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Shikoku Pilgrimage 2016 by Garyo, 35

    Closing the Circle (temples 1,2,3 and Koyasan)     It took me two days to return to the first three temples (45km).  On the second day it was raining so hard, that I was totally wet when I arrived in Gokurakuji (temple 2). In Gokurakuji, the temple of Pure Land, I stayed overnight.             Colorful schoolchildren walking in the rain             A temple I passed on the way     Coming back to the first three temples was a great experience.  I remembered the stress I felt in the beginning of the pilgrimage and could enjoy the atmosphere now much more.             Pagoda of Ryōzenji     … Continue reading

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Shikoku Pilgrimage 2016 by Garyo, 34

      Ōkuboji, temple 88     Just opposite of Nagaoji (temple 87), I stayed overnight in the Ryokan Azumaya The lady of the house was extremely nice and served for breakfast an egg with two yolks.  “Dōgyō-ninin” she said, meaning “ same practice, two people”.  The second yolk was for our protector, Kōbō Daishi.             The egg yolk with the lightly beaten egg white mixed with rice tastes really good.             Lady owning the Ryokan Azuyama     Temple 88 is located on Mt. Nyotai (800m). On the way up, I passed the Maeyama Dam and some beautiful rice fields.                         … Continue reading

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