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Flower Festival and Flower Fragrance

    Good morning!   We can enjoy a lot of flowers now – daffodils, forsythia, magnolias, pears, peaches, cherries, … The Flower Festival on April 8 is the Buddha’s birthday. We read the following verse in the Dhammapada last Friday at our class:     Who will conquer this earth and this Yama’s world with its gods?   Who will pick up the well-taught Dhammapada like a skillful one a flower? The Dhammapada, 44     A disciple will conquer this earth and this Yama’s world with its gods.   A disciple will pick the well-taught Dhammapada like a skillful one a flower. The Dhammapada, 45   Last night I watched a film titled Fruit of Faith based on Mr. Akinori Kimura’s story of growing miracle apples without chemical sprays, usually applied 20 times a year. He is now helping farmers in his way at home and abroad.   He wanted to cure not only his wife’s sickness – she was stricken in bed due to chemicals – but also all of life in holy harmony, health, and happiness. The Buddha tells of the fragrance of morality spreading throughout time and space:    The fragrance of flowers, sandal, tagara, or jasmin does not go against the wind.  The fragrance of the good ones go against the wind. A good person pervades all   directions. The Dhammapada, 54     Note: You can watch the quoted movie here:       … Continue reading

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Spring in Austria, Mountains and Flowers

  Garyo, our favorite contributor of travelog with beautiful pictures, sent us her spring greetings from Austria with wonderful pictures again (Enjoy pictures with your full screen version) :       Over the weekend, I was hiking in the Lower … Continue reading

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Spring Scenes

    Garyo, familiar with the readers for her travelog with beautiful pictures, sent me her greeting with a few pictures of spring scene on the occasion of leaving the States for Vienna. I asked for her pictures to share … Continue reading

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Flowers Flourish!

                                     Thanks to Mr. Otsuka, who took these pictures and shared them!  

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