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From Karma to Nirvana

Good morning!   Yesterday was the winter solstice. Since last night the rain changed to snow, and we saw the white world this morning. All things are covered by snow into white, without colors and forms. At the summer solstice … Continue reading

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Awakening above Karma Clouds

    Good morning!   Yesterday I received pictures of mountains from Mr. Otsuka taken by our friend, Mr. Hirasawa. Like the picture of mountain ranges above clouds, we can come above the clouds of karma or the karma world. … Continue reading

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Awakening and Action

  Good morning!   We are in Rohatsu (12/8) sesshin, commemorating the Buddha’s awakening on this day, usually with a week sesshin from 12/1. Sesshin is touching and embracing mind/heart through sitting, stilling karma, seeing the Dharma. Dogen said, “without … Continue reading

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Mt. Fuji and Super Moon

  The following photos were sent taken and sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka, in Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan and by Rosan Osamu Yoshida (last four):                                 … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift from Selfish Delusion/War to Universal Truth/Peace

  Good morning!   We have a serene sunny Saturday after sittings and service. It may, however, turn into a suffering sinister Satan day due to nuclear winter. Sin (separation) has created sick selves, societies, states, species, and symbolism as … Continue reading

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