Paradigm Shift from Selfish Delusion/War to Universal Truth/Peace


Good morning!


We have a serene sunny Saturday after sittings and service. It may, however, turn into a suffering sinister Satan day due to nuclear winter. Sin (separation) has created sick selves, societies, states, species, and symbolism as Francis Bacon partially pointed out in his four idola, idols, of cave, market place, theatre, and species. The Buddha told us that we are all karma-heirs, -owners, -machines, which causes all our problems and suffering.


Human karma has created human-heredity, -habit, -hierarchy, -hubris, and -hysteria with sinful self, sick society, selfish states, Satanic species, and sinister symbolism such as crimes, climate change, war, mass extinction, and nukes. So long as we remain karma-machines, we remain in the five calamities of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination, eventually exterminating all including us.


The Buddha showed us how to solve our problems and suffering by sitting still, stilling karma, seeing Dharma, serving and saving all. As Dogen said that without cultivation it never develops and that without verification it is never attained, we must continue practice to realize it here, now, with all beings, with the five blisses of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace. We can enjoy bright sunlight, beautiful foliage, falling leaves, and so forth.


The concrete way lies in the Five Precepts of no killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and intoxication, partly employed by the Global Ethic as dedication to the culture of life, love, truth, and equal partnership between men and women, which we may reinterpret as equal partnership of all, and add fundamental awakening in nirvana. We must make the paradigm change from selfish tribal delusion and war to universal global truth and peace.
























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