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Karma or Cultivation

  Good morning!   We have snow falling now, with the white world covering distinctions. Last night Ekan, one of the first seven ordainees here, sent me an email congratulation for Hanyu’s championship performance of stardom figure skating at the … Continue reading

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Deathless Dharma (Form/Norm: Truth/Ethic) 不死の法(諸法・法則:真理・倫理) 

  Good morning!   It’s cold outside, but I hope you are warmed up in peace and truth after our sittings. This is the Dharma gate of pure peace and bliss – peace in nirvana and bliss in awakening in … Continue reading

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Free or Not Free 自由か不自由か

  Good morning!   After sitting in the best body alignment with breathing, blood circulation, muscle and nerve function, etc. working well, the body warming up and the immune function up, we become harmonious, healthy, and happy, as snow and … Continue reading

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