Deathless Dharma (Form/Norm: Truth/Ethic) 不死の法(諸法・法則:真理・倫理) 


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It’s cold outside, but I hope you are warmed up in peace and truth after our sittings. This is the Dharma gate of pure peace and bliss – peace in nirvana and bliss in awakening in truth. Dogen said “It never develops without cultivation: it is never attained without verification.” (Without sitting in Zazen, stilling karma, nirvana (no wind of karma) does not develop, without actual witness of it, one can not attain and live embodying it.


We stop wars during the Olympic Games. Its symbol expresses the five continents in connected circles of peace and awakening. We can stop war at Christmastime. This verifies that wars can be rendered null and void. Wars come from karma – the Triple Poisons of delusion, desire, and divisiveness, essentially egoism.


Dogen illustrated the Awakened Way: To learn the Awakened Way is to learn the self, to learn the self is to forget the self, to forget the self is to be verified by all dharmas, to be verified by all dharmas is to drop off one’s body and mind and others’ bodies and minds. The trace of awakening is extinct and at rest. Traceless awakening is ever furthered on and on.


Sinful Self, sick Society, selfish State, Satanic Species, sinister Symbolism are the Five Fictions, Superstitions, Syndromes, which endanger the global life system to extinction. A paradigm shift urges us from syndromes to soundness of systems: ego to eco, sin to holiness, pyramidal system to Indra-net one.


The Two Islands of the self and the Dharma are two refuges in the sea of suffering: the self like a bubble starts an awakening process and awakens in the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination of all, attaining the Dharma-body like the sea – limitless life in limitless light, liberation, and love, tasting amrita (ambrosia, immortality).




Note: The Five Fictions, Superstitions, are from the Five Idola of Cave, Agora, Theatre, and Species by Francis Bacon, added with the fifth of Symbolism that myth, religion, language, art, science, and history – all are symbolism created by humans, as detected by Ernst Cassirer (cf. Essay on Man, Philosophy of Symbolism, Myth of the State, etc.). Other human activities such as politics, economy, society, culture, civilization, must be known as symbolisms. For instance, money and a money-shape tower (金字塔: pyramid) system with its money-ism, militarism, materialism, me-ism is at 2 minutes to midnight of the Doomsday Clock. (cf. Five Fictitious Bodies, as described by Gerald Barney, are modern major players of state, corporation, media, religion, and educational institutions – now all of them seem mongered by money).


















註:五仮構・迷信はフランシス・ベーコンの洞窟・広場・劇場・種族の四アドラ(偶像)に第五として、エルンスト・カッシラーが、人類が創造した神話、宗教、言語、芸術、科学、歴史などが象徴主義であることを解明した、象徴主義を加えたものです (彼の「人間」、「象徴の哲学」、「国家の神話」など参照)。政治、経済、社会、文化の人間活動も象徴主義であることを知らなければなりません。例えば拝金主義、軍国主義、物質主義、吾我主義をもつ金と金字塔は世界終末時計の真夜中まで2分となっているのです。(参考:ジェラルド・バーニーが述べた五仮構体とは現代の主要な役者達は国家、会社、メデイア、宗教、教育機関です-今やそのいずれも金によって取引されているのです。)












The above pictures were taken and contributed by Erin 慧林,

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