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Free Full Functioning

  Good morning!   We have a sunny spring Sunday morning with our sesshin (embracing and touching the heart, 摂心・接心). Earlier this morning I saw the bright full moon, which represents the Buddha’s heart, calm and clear, illuminating the world. … Continue reading

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Great Person’s Heart

    Good morning!   We have a peaceful bright Sunday morning with abundant beautiful flowers, especially after our sitting and service. Magnitude 7.3 and 7.8 earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, however, took 42 and 246 lives. More are missing … Continue reading

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    Good morning!   April 8 is the Flower Festival commemorating the Buddha’s birthday. It is the time when all kinds of flowers start to bloom, which bear fruit in the fall. The legend is that the Buddha walked … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms

    Good morning!   We have a bright sunny Sunday with many flowers – lilacs, redbuds, forsythia, cherry, and so forth. Garyo sent me pictures of Zuioji with cherry blossoms the day before yesterday, so I posted them in … Continue reading

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From Endless Enmity Enigma to Wholly Wholesome World

    Good morning!   We are in sesshin, which means embracing (摂心) or touching (接心) the heart and mind. Our hearts and minds are normally going out, but are rarely embraced or touched. We seldom protect, much less touch … Continue reading

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