From Sinful Suffering to Holy Happiness




Good morning!


We have very good weather with crisp, clear, cool air breezes like autumn today. We have especially holy harmony and happiness after sittings and service. I watched the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Special, “1945-1946, A Blank Year: How ‘the base island’ was born.” It revealed that two strands of the State Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff, represented by the Okinawa Naval and Army governing bodies (the former liberating Okinawa with the people’s Okinawa Advisory Council and the latter continuing military bases), moved to the latter due to communist expansion.


The members of the Okinawa Advisory Council was thinking of their own constitution and even presidential system, but GHQ commander McArthur abolished Naval rule there and fortified bases, considering Okinawans not Japanese. He even sent Okinawans in the mainland back to Okinawa where there were no jobs but base construction. Communism, allowing violent revolution, must have moved even partially to such move, inciting an arms race and cold war. Wars never end, unless we end the sinful karmas of the triple poisons (delusion, divisiveness, and desire), which lead to conflict and catastrophe.


Therefore, we should not justify ourselves with them and must make our Paradigm Shift from sinful karma suffering to holy nirvana happiness and that from artificial uni-directional pyramid civilization (=urbanization) for matter and power to natural cyclical Indra-net culture (=cultivation)  for life and heart to save life and the life system from destruction and demise. The Buddha said,

       Enmity is never appeased by enmity here,
       But by non-enmity. This is the truth forever. 

The Dhammapada 5

       Better than the one conquering thousands upon thousands in wars                                            Is the one conquering oneself. He is the greatest of war conquerors.

-The Dhammapada         103


Conquering oneself requires conquering one’s sin (=separation), coming from karma (action, habit, heredity). Before we are nationals, we are human, living beings, life, universe, truth. If we can become Tathāgata, Thus-being or being in Thusness, truth, we transcend selfish, sinful egoism, nationalism, etc. Whatever political, economic systems we may have, we must undergo the suffering of birth, sickness, aging, death, loss, parting, etc. If we conquer karma questions, we solve sinful suffering, individual, social, and environmental, at once for all forever.  Come and see it!





























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From Karma-machine to Dharma-maker


Good morning!


Rain made the dry summer scene into the rainy season. This may be a part of global warming. Yesterday I saw our grandchildren, just over two years old, carrying big cantaloupes, holding them firmly from farm to home, and thought about human potential promising, to private property or public propriety.


Another cantaloupe had a hole and corn ears were eaten by ants, squirrels, rabbits, or deer, whose recent appearance may also be due to global warming? A watermelon kept for children was already overripe and empty. Overladen plums and peaches a few years ago, boughs broken due to it, stand fruitless.


I saw You Tube pictures of a thousand riot policemen sent from prefectures outside Okinawa removing protesters against osprey, widow-maker, helipad construction near Takae with 150 villagers, in Okinawa. The Abe administration restarted it a day after his cabinet member failed in the election.


Public servants (prime minister, representatives, officials, policemen, etc.) must follow the constitution of people’s sovereignty, human rights, and peace, but they try to destroy it. Everyone must sit, still the karma-machine, see truth/ethic, serve and save the dignity of all life and the integral life system.








































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Working Wholly Wholesome Way World


Good morning!


We have a peaceful and harmonious Sunday morning after sittings and service as usual. We don’t, however, know what will happen next. About this time on a hot summer morning seventy-one years ago the first A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, claiming tens of thousands of people’s lives instantly, creating a hell scene with ghosts screaming and straying everywhere. The second one fell on Nagasaki and the dead mounted to more than scores of thousands by the end of the year. The radiation still tortures and deaths continue even today.


The most imminent catastrophe we can have is nuclear holocaust any moment, even by a man by mandate, madness, mistake, terrorism, or by natural disaster. Human civilizations have never realized equality and democracy, but are rather vested with the fivefold calamity of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and destruction. Obama recently visited Hiroshima and said, “Death fell from the sky.” Humans create Death and conquer it by conquering karma with the five blisses of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace.


This year’s Hiroshima Peace Proclamation quoted Obama’s address there: “We must have the courage to escape the logic of fear,” a world free from that “absolute evil,” that ultimate inhumanity. The fear comes from the delusion of a separate self, individually or collectively, which comes from karma. Anyone can sit still, still karma, see dharma, serve and save all with the fivefold bliss, living limitless light, liberation, love, likeness, and life, making every day a good day, freed from fallacy, fear, and failure.


Lt. General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project, acted on fear of failure of the Project and planned the success of the bombs’ effectiveness against Truman and Stimson, who feared outdoing Hitler’s atrocities. We must make ourselves free from fear personally as well as making the paradigm shift from the pyramidal power civilization to a cyclical life-net culture socially. Please read the free resourceful book Nuclear War by Raymond Wilson, whose chapter, “Workable World Peace Plan” I forwarded to our listserv.




Note: Raymond G. Wilson, NUCLEAR WAR: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and A Workable Moral Strategy for Achieving and Preserving World Peace is available free in pdf format here:






































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Limitless Light, Liberation, Likeness, Love, and Life



Good morning!


We have a calm clear Sunday morning after sittings and service. We are in sesshin, which means touching the heart (接心) and embracing it (摂心). The heart expresses an integral psycho-physical system and function, which we usually divide into mind and body. The best sitting, breathing, and mental state reintegrate into one holy (wholly wholesome) world in peace and truth.


Continued sitting practice can reach nirvana (unconditioned peace, lit. no wind of karma) and bodhi (awakening) of the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination (truth/law of all forms/phenomena that all are dependently co-originated on causes and conditions). This leads to the fourfold Brahma-vihāra (disport, monastery) or limitlessness of friendship, compassion, joy, and equanimity.


The present Vihara (in ancient Magadha) state in northern India had many Buddhist monasteries (originally disport place, recluses’s hut, developed into their meeting and then practice place), where they practiced sitting meditation and lived in limitless light, love, liberation, and life, concretely in the fourfold embracing matters of giving, loving speech, beneficial action, and sameness.


These lead to the eightfold awakening of the awakened way of great people of little desire, satisfaction, serenity, striving, mindfulness, concentration, prognosis, and no idle talk, which the Buddha, Dogen, et al. gave as their last admonition. Equanimity is literally renunciation (letting go of karmas of conception, emotion, volition, etc.) leading to harmony, health, and happiness.



















































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Triple Poisons vs. Triple Learnings


Good morning!


We have a calm clear Sunday morning after sittings and service as usual. Still sitting is stilling karma providing us the Triple Learning of sīla, samādhi, and prajňā, which all Buddhists learn. Recently Mr. Otsuka sent me pictures of southern magnolia (magnolia grandiflora) looking like white lotus with good scent. The Buddha said that sīla scent spreads far unlike close flower scent.


Sīla is usually translated as morality, but established character, backbones, and pillars, which support system structure. When one sits solid and stable like boulder or mountain, one is not moved by karma winds physically, verbally, or mentally. One stays calm and clear volitionally, emotionally, and intellectually, where the Five and Ten Precepts (no killing, stealing, lying, etc.) are observed.


Samādhi (from sam-ā-dhā, total projection/dedication/application over) is usually translated as concentration (focusing), but settling stable and serene in holy (wholly wholesome) harmony of the body, heart, and the world through and through beyond the Triple Poisons, the Four Fluxes, and the Five Coverings leading to nirvana as shown in the Four Stages of Zen, Jhāna, Dhyāna.


Prajňā (from pra-jňā, pro-gnosis) is usually translated as wisdom, but penetrating insight beyond discrimination (called mu-funbetsu chi, non-discursive intuition) or prognosis as the cognate indicates (not premonition only as its modern use) leading to unsurpassed right awakening. The Triple Learning is the countermeasure of the Triple Poisons coming from bad karma.



Triple Poisons: desire, divisiveness, and delusion: thirst, anger, and delusion (taṇhā, dosa, avijjā)

Four Fluxes: Leaks: lust, becoming, views, nescience (kāma, bhava, diṭṭhi, avijjā)

Five Coverings: lust-desire, covetousness-malevolence, sloth-drowsiness, agitation-worry, doubt (kāma-chanda, abhijjhā-vyāpāda, thīna-middha, uddhaccha-kukuccha, vikicchā)
























































– The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan –



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Triple Treasure Treading Tasting



Good morning!


We have a clear, cool, and calm Sunday morning, especially after our sittings and service. Sitting gives us holy (wholly wholesome) harmony, health, and happiness. Buddhists have the Triple Treasures to enjoy intimately with all here now, where we take refuge – not outside, only to look or never use as are worldly treasures. They are Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha all integrated.


The Buddha was awakened to the Dharma (of all dharmas) of Dependent Co-origination, i.e., all (dharmas) are dependently originated and ceased on limitless causes and conditions. He wakefully lived embodying the Dharma and led all to awakening in truth and peace for and with all as the Sangha, thus we see the Sangha was not made only after the five mendicants joined.


The Dharma of Dependent Co-origination is the source of all Buddhist principles and practices. The Four Holy Truths are the fundamental application of it in origination (of suffering), cause (craving), cessation (of it in nirvana), and paths (for nirvana). The Holy Eightfold Path for laymen (and the Sevenfold Awakening Limbs for renouncers) is the Triple Learning.


The Sangha in concrete forms is composed of renouncers and laymen, taking different forms and functions according to time and space, temporary places for rainy season practice gathering, donated monasteries, refuge monasteries (from persecution, for survival, service with production, etc.), huts, temples, etc. Sangha is essential to let the Dharma live on, especially in the doomsday.












































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Living Awakened Life


Good morning!


We have a calm and cool Sunday morning after sittings and service. The Buddha called sitting meditation the “come and see way, good in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.” He was said to hold up a flower and Mahakashyapa smiled, thus transmitting the Buddha’s Way. This reflects the Brahma’s Beseeching of him to go out into the world to transmit it, to save the world from destruction. The Buddha, seeing the world sunken deeply in karma, was first reluctant to go into the world, but, seeing some lotus flowers blooming above muddy water, was determined to teach the Awakened Way.


We are heading to the destruction of the world with wars, nukes, mass extinction, global warming, etc. The Doomsday Clock is only 3 minutes before doom; nuclear warheads target us and nuclear power plants can melt down anywhere. Terrorism can strike anytime. Here we watch shooting sprees, policemen killings, and the killing of policemen. Pyramidal systems are everywhere, with delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination. Militarism, materialism, money-ism, and the root me-ism are more and more marching toward devastation, destruction, and demise.


Our problems and sufferings are all in the muddy water of the Triple Poisons of desire, divisiveness, and delusion. They are in the darkness but mistaken as our nature and rights. Only when lotus flowers come out of the muddy water, can they see their true nature blooming – beautiful and good, holy (wholly wholesome) and harmonious – undefiled by muddy water. The way to do so is to clearly know that the muddy water is our karma world and to calmly deal with karma. The Fourfold Applications or Dedications are to decrease and stop bad karmas, and to start and increase good karmas.


The Fourfold Holy Truths and the Eightfold Holy Ways are well-known application of them. The Fourfold Holy Truths or Realities are of suffering, the source of suffering, cessation of the source of suffering, and the way to cease the source of suffering. The source of suffering is identified as craving or thirst, and cessation as nirvana. Nirvana (or nivāta, as in nivāte padīpa: lamp in no-wind) is no-wind, i.e., no karma-wind. In stilling karma, we can walk the path of right view, thinking, speech, action, livelihood, striving, mindfulness, and concentration. Thus, we can live Buddha’s Way as buddhas.







































































































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From Separated Sick Suffering to Holy Healthy Harmony


Good morning!


We have a peaceful Sunday morning after sitting and service. On the front path a huge branch, about 50 feet long, has fallen. It is hollow and fell perhaps overreaching or by some sort of storm. An oak tree fell at our back porch, and now at our front porch. Trees can grow huge and fall when their times come.


Recently Dr. Robert Morrell, a longtime Washington University professor of Buddhism and a benefactor and member of our center, passed away. The last time we met he seemed well and gave no sign of something of this sort. We often experience the unexpected decease of others, and maybe our own.


In answer to the often asked question “what is the significance of Bodhidharma’s coming from the West,” Joshū replied, “A cypress tree in the garden.” Trees sit solid, stand soaring, stay strong, serve all in harmony with all – the earth, water, air, light, heat, chill, living and lifeless beings.


Many people have back pain. I came to know that work rather than rest cures, aligning the displaced disc from stooping to straightening (sitting, hanging, etc.). When we change separated sick suffering to holy healthy harmony, we live and die without doubt, dread, disease, destruction, etc.










































































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Buddha Bodhisattva Aspiration Action


Good morning!


After a long spell of dry hot days we at last had compassionate rain last evening. So, this morning we have a clear and calm Sunday sit in sesshin with fresh greenery and birds’ singing. Sesshin is touching the heart and embracing it, the Buddha heart – Shobozenzo Nehanmyoshin, the right Dharma-eye stored in the exquisite heart of nirvana, awakening in nirvana (no wind of karma).


Only in it we can have genuine compassion and comradery, friendship, knowing that we are karma machines, but can still karma and see the Dharma. We recited the four universal vows to save all beings, sever all defilements, learn all Dharmas, and achieve unsurpassed awakening. Bodhisattvas can live the fourfold divine life of friendship, compassion, joy, and equanimity.


All universal religions aim at reunion with the holy, wholly wholesome way world, but fall back into karmic sin, separation in small selfishness, because people do not know that they are karma machines and how to still karma to serve and save all. The Buddha saw the world deeply sunken in karma layers and doomed to destruction, and served it as a Bodhisattva all his life.


The future savior, would-be savior or everyone in potential, is expressed as Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, Massiah, Messiah, etc., meaning friend. Friends in need are friends indeed. Bodhisattvas are friends of all, with the practice of the four universal vows, the fourfold divine life, the Buddha-heart seal, the here and now with all for all in every action.

































































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Micro-micro Management Maintenance


Good morning!


We have a nice Sunday morning with a crisp, clear, and calm atmosphere, with birds singing in the bright sunlight, especially after our sitting and service. I have been thinking of changing the grass area to a veggie garden and ground cover. I used to use plastic to cover grass so it would die, but I found a plum tree’s branches are dead above the plastic; probably their root system had died.


I transplanted golden creeping Jenny on some grass-removed spots recently, and found it dried and dead, not well watered beyond the fence. We must take care of plants – seeded, sprouted, transplanted, etc. – with water, taking all factors into consideration. The above cases show us how to live and practice successfully – great perspective/knowledge and minute care-taking/action.


Our fallacy and failure are due fundamentally to the macro-micro fallacy and failure. Guns and nukes, for instance, are good only in individual micro-management, but not good in total macro-maintenance and perennial perspective. Isms, ideologies, beliefs, and convictions must be micromanaged and mindfully maintained in every concrete daily aspect and action, if real.


Our practice must be wholly wholesome, all-inclusive, healthy and happy for each as well. It is like two wings or wheels, inseparably functioning fully and freely, flying far and running remotely. The triple heart/mind of great, mature, and joyful heart/mind makes the triple body/world great, mature, and joyful with limitless life, light, liberation, and love.

























































The last two pictures were contributed by Ms. Erin K. Davis,

who kindly edit our blog manuscripts.

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