Self and System Samsara Suffering


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We have a beautiful, bright, clear, and calm autumn Sunday with sittings and service. Tonight we can see the full moon, which represents the Buddha heart, beautiful, bright, clear, and calm. Sitting in the best physical, breathing, and mental forms in nirvana-awakening, both sides of one thing, is completely different from ordinary sitting, standing, or sleeping, even if they seem still.


Let’s see the Twelvefold Dependent Co-origination chart, which explains well our life cycle, called the becoming-wheel, samsara wheel. Nescience or non-witness of nirvana-awakening is the root cause of samsara suffering, with craving leading to formations, and suffering (Three Steps) and appropriation or identification leading to becoming (Six Ways), making the Triple Poisons.


Formations (present, past physical, verbal, and mental karmas) turn this wheel, constantly creating forms in samsara suffering. Cessation of them in constant practice makes perfect in prognosis-nirvana, penetrating insight into this mechanism in stopping the karma wind, function of the body, mouth, and mind with hereditary self-survival sense with the nerves, hormones, etc.


Karma lets us take meals to sustain the becoming wheel, making individual karma into societal ones far greater and ominous like nationalism, nukes, civilizations, mass extinction. Constant countering and calming karma is more important than taking meals to solve samsara suffering. Continuous com-mitment is essential to cease suffering in the Dharma world making dharma.
















































































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Wholly Wholesome Way World


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We have a calm and cool world after sittings. Sitting make us settled in holiness. The Fourfold Holy Truths are the truths of our existence and the existential truths to become holy (wholly wholesome) and happy. The first existential truth is suffering (duk-kha: wrong-going, going against wishes): birth, sickness, aging, death, loss, parting, meeting the disliked, unable to attain wishes, in short, rampant five aggregates, essentially karma existence.


The second truth is the source of suffering, which is identified as craving (lit. thirst, tańhā, like drinking sea water when shipwrecked, which increases thirst). Craving (strong desire) comes from the delusion of a separated self (sin = separation, causing suffering, see above) Desire, divisiveness, and delusion (root of former two) are called the Triple Poisons (coming from sinful karma), poisoning all. Sin is the source of suffering and holiness is that of happiness.


The third truth is the cessation of the source of suffering, identified as nirvana. Nirvana (nib-bāna, ni-vāta: no-wind) is the cessation of karma-wind blowing us into the Triple Steps of delusion-action-suffering and the cycle of the Six Ways of hell being, hungry ghost, fighting devil, animal being, human being, and celestial being (karma-wind is known from the Twelvefold Dependent Co-origination and the cessation process of Zen: jhāna,Pali: dhyāna, Skt.).


The fourth truth is the way leading to cessation or nirvana in the Triple Learning of morality (sīla), concentration (samādhi), and prognosis (prajňā) to counter the Triple Poisons (corresponding to the Holy Ways: Sevenfold Awakening Limbs, Eightfold Holy Ways, the Sixfold Perfection of Prognosis, etc.). Discrimination is sin, separating the wholly wholesome way world in individual, social, and ecological levels. Nationalism is sinful in wars, etc.











































The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan.



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Sitting, Stilling in Schools, Societies, and Systems


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We have now very good weather and world after sitting and service. Yesterday I forwarded articles on school meditation to our listserv. We hope more schools, societies, and systems of life learn meditation and live with it, changing the world for the better, hopefully the best, with paradigm shifts.


Individually we must shift from karma to dharma through nirvana, no-wind of karma blowing us into samsara suffering. Karma creates the triple poisons, similar to original sin, but it is changeable, with the four efforts of decreasing and stopping bad karma, starting and increasing good karma in awakening.


Socially we must shift from an artificial unilateral pyramidal civilization (= urbanization) with its fivefold calamity of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination, to a natural cyclical Indra-net culture with the fivefold bliss of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace of and for all.


Ecologically we must shift from nature in karma to exploit to nurture in nirvana to enhance its truth, goodness, beauty, and peace in full flowering and fruiting. We must shift from sin (separation sickness) to holiness (wholly wholesomeness) all through these levels and realms in space and time.

























The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan.


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Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, …


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We have a clear cool atmosphere after the Sunday sesshin sittings and service and the fall equinox. We call the equinox higan (彼岸), yonder shore, meaning nirvana. Sesshin means embracing the mind (接心) and touching the heart (摂心), eventually the Buddha-heart in nirvana and awakening. We are fortunate to sit together as zen-yū, Zen friends (禅友) and good friends (善友), kalyāna-mitra, translated into Sino-Japanese as zenchishiki (善知識, lit. good knowledge or knower, as a true friend is a knower of goodness).


Mitra (tomo: 友) is from mit (tomo: 共: together, cf. German mit, tra expresses means or agent), because a friend is together, especially in need, as a friend in need is a friend indeed. When Ananada, Buddha’s constant attendant, said, “Now I know that friends make half of my life,” the Buddha said, “Don’t say so, Ananada, friends make the whole of your life.” Good friends make a good life, and bad friends make a bad life, as a person is known by the company he keeps. We are actually together with all, making them friends and life.


Higher, world, or universal religions make their ideal figure a friend (Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, Massiah, Messiah, etc.), a good friend with good knowledge, compassionate and conversant with truth (Dharma, Dao, Dei, Divine, etc.) and path (Patha, Paṭipadā, Pratipad, Way, etc.). Their ideal figure is a future savior of all, because it is to be realized by all as everyone’s potential so that all may become friends of all, not foes of any. In the ordinary world, the karma world, our karma machine must cultivate for this goal.


Karma machines in the conventional world see and start from the (sinful = separated) self (delusion, original sin), with desire and divisiveness (triple poisons by karma), not seeing the holy truth (Dharma of Dependent Co-origination, unified whole), not cultivating in the triple learning (morality, concentration, prognosis).  Those who settle in holiness (nirvana, heaven, etc.) must serve and save them (as bodhi-sattvas, awakening-beings, suffering servants, etc.), swimming in the karma world, staying in the nirvana base.






























































































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New Zen Buddhism Wiki

Please visit the following site for a new systematic understanding of Zen Buddhism

(New interpretation of Dependent Co-origination, nirvana, etc.):

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Good morning!


We have a cool and clear Sunday, especially after sittings and service. We could see the renowned mid-fall full moon this morning, though we could not on the exact day due to clouds. We say Moon-face Buddha or Moon-light Bodhisattva, Sun-face Buddha or Sun-light Bodhisattva, who give life and light to living beings, even those existing before them.


Dogen made his last poem on the fifteenth of August in the lunar calendar. He had a premonition that his parinirvana, passing away or shifting nature (senge: 遷化, as a celestial bodhisattva like the Moon-light Bodhisattva in a wider community, or a universal sangha in four directions beyond separation), would come before long. It was actually thirteen days later:

Even in the autumn, when I’d expect to see it again,

I could not have slept with the moon tonight

I forwarded a note of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast (broadcast on August 29, 2016) titled Neurobiology & Epigenetics Applied to Politics, Policy, Psychopaths & Narcissism to the mzc listserv last night. It says that community care and contemplation is needed to nurture children, while adult children drive their children to separation, selfish, and psychopathy.

Karma creates the triple poisons of delusion (separated self), desire, and divisiveness – fight or flight for fame and fortune, falling into samsara (hell being, hungry ghost, fighting devil) suffering (duk-kha, wrong-going). Dharma creates community (sangha) and contemplation (buddha) for compassion and cooperation with conviction (pasāda) and commitment.

Zen-jo (禅定), contemplation (jhāna, zen: 禅)-concentration (samādhi: 定), convinces one of the truth-path (ethic) of the Four Holy Truths and the Eightfold Holy Path. Conviction of nir-vana (no-wind, of karma)-bodhi (awakening) (both sides of the goal of the Awakened Way) contributes to commitment in cultivation (culture: path, practice, perfection) and vice versa.


Note: Rob Kall note:





















































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Making Death Desert into Life Land


Good morning!


We have a cool and calm Sunday after sitting and service together, supporting each other for all. Late last night I forwarded a link to an NHK ETV Special, Not Weapons, but Water of Life: M.D. Nakamura Tetsu and Afghanistan, to our listserv, along with a short English explanation of the video. Please watch it. Enmity never appeases enmity, but no enmity and peace-prognosis prospers!


Dr. Nakamura, sent to Pakistan in 1984 as part of an International Medical team, moved to Afghanistan in 1991 for medical service. In 2000, seeing sick and starving people facing a once-a-century drought with four million people straying near the starvation line, he decided to make a water intake to irrigate the Death Desert, Gamberi, into a “Great Green Land,” the key to their future.


In such a state, at such a time, the American air raid started. His notes said, “Bush roars of reprisal and Americans applaud. TVs feature an unknown country, Afghanistan. All seem to be charmed. Our civilization has floating feet from the great earth. It made me heartily sad.” He decided to take off his white uniform to work to provide water and food, beyond these in luxury.


The Great Green Land Project started in 2003, and seven years later it turned the Death Desert into a Life Land with the Malwarid Intake irrigating 3,000ha, green fields of wheat, rice, fruit, cattle, fish, etc., saving about 100,000 people (16,000ha, 600,000 people, 2% of the Afghan population in 2015). The people were more delighted with their traditional mosque and madrassa (school).


He noted, “They fly to kill; we dig earth to live…There is happiness and joy on the earth they don’t understand. We know the joy of getting water on dry land, the jumping life of children playing…and these are the base of peace.” “All living beings are living in harmony. This is proof of grace (of production). Even if this is in a corner of the world, I am thankful for witnessing it in front.































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Mindfulness Day

Mindfulness Day Mini-Retreat

with Guided Meditations

Saturday, September 17, 2016, 1:00 – 4:30 pm

at the Thai Buddhist Temple

890 Lindsey Lane, Florissant, MO 63031

Sponsored by the Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis


Four Foundations of Mindfulness


This half-day retreat is an opportunity for members of the various Buddhist groups, as well as the community-at-large, to come together to learn and practice the fundamental teaching that the Buddha gave on Satipaṭṭhāna, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.  Different teachers from our local centers will give a 20-minute Dharma talk, followed by a guided meditation.  At the end of the day, we will divide into small groups to discuss our practice, and then come back together for a Q&A session with all the teachers.  This promises to be a wonderful chance for us to both understand the teachings and to get to know each other better.  Buddhism in St. Louis is unique because of the inter-cooperation of many of our groups and teachers.  Interconnectedness is one of the main themes of the Buddha’s teachings.  We welcome everyone to come and participate.

 Schedule for Mini-Retreat12:45 pm  Arrival and Sign-in 

1:00 Introduction to the Mini-Retreat and to Satipaṭṭhāna (Dr. Kongsak, Thai Temple)

1:10  Mindfulness of the Body – part 1 of Satipaṭṭhāna (Gage Winterton, Midwest Moon Sangha)

      1:30  Guided Meditation

1:50  Mindfulness of Feeling – part 2 of Satipaṭṭhāna (Ven. Jue Huang, Abbot, Fo Guang Shan, St. Louis)

      2:10  Guided Meditation

2:30  Mindfulness of Mind – part 3 of Satipaṭṭhāna (Xiankuan Don Shushu, MABA)

      2:50  Guided Meditation

3:10  Mindfulness of Phenomena – part 4 of Satipaṭṭhāna (Ven. Master Jiru, Abott, MABA)

      3:30  Guided Meditation

3:50  Small Group Discussions

      4:10  Q&A with everyone

4:30  Dedication of Merit

Pre-Registration is required. 

Please Contact to pre-register


This is a free event.  Donations to the Buddhist Council are welcome.  


We hope that many people form the 21 Buddhist Groups will attend, as well as others from the Community-at-large


Groups are welcome to bring materials about their activities, meeting times, and retreats to share with everyone.

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Paradigm Shift


Good morning!


We have here a cool and clear world with fall weather. We now have a peaceful harmonious world, especially after sittings and service. In other parts of the world, however, extreme weather is taking place with hurricanes, typhoons, heat, torrents with land slides, etc. Scientists say a new anthropo-cene age has begun, as humans leave the remains of radiation, pollution, disaster, global warming, mass extinction, etc., dooming the fate of the planet.


So, we must have a Paradigm Shift, individually, socially, and ecologically. In essence we must advance from ego to eco, sin (separated suffering) to holiness (wholly wholesomeness), karma to dharma through nirvana (no wind, of karma). Individually we must cultivate ourselves by sitting, stilling karma, shifting to nirvana, seeing dharma, serving, and saving all. We must know that we are karma machines with the Triple Poisons causing samsara suffering.


Socially we must shift from our artificial uni-directional pyramidal civilization (urbanization) of power and matter in the fivefold calamity (delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, extermination) to a natural cyclical Indra-net culture (cultivation) of life and heart in the fivefold bliss (awakening, freedom, equality, love, peace). We must become the clear crystal of the Indra-net to reflect each other limitlessly as awakening beings, as Mitra, et al.


Eco-logically and eco-nomically we must shift from nature as a resource to be exploited to nurture to be enriched. We must cultivate our eco (oikos, home, integral, inseparable, intimate living sphere or life system, holy home before separation into elements) as culture like that of the Indian Nation, enhancing eco (cultivating all-together as family members) as a global system with 5 Ss, global ethic with 5 Ls, material flow with 5 Rs, and information flow of 5 As.




Note 1. Religion (from Latin re-ligare, re-union, with holiness: wholesome whole, from sin: separation: selfishness) in Spiritual Revolution has been to revolutionize (revolve) the previous one, the Civilization Revolution (civilization, from Latin civitas: city, cf. citadel, discriminating outsiders – peasants, other citizens, other species, forests, etc. by city walls) with slavery, class, war, etc. for fame and fortune to reunify societies and ecology for/in (?) friendship (the ideal figure: future savior: everyone’s potential: Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Massiah, Messiah, et al means friend) and freedom ( = Sanskrit priya-dhāman, beloved domain).


  1. Eco (Greek oikos, home) is not simply a mechanical house, but an organic, inseparable life domain/system. Eco-logy (from Greek logos: logic, truth) and eco-nomy (from Greek nomos: norm, management) are the ways our world functions and the methods of managing it. Oikos, its aspects or components, when analyzed, are family, family property, and family house, and the family’s management developed into economy and ecology. The Indo-European root wik/viś means entering, settling, sitting in safety, security, and comfort.


  1. The 5 Ss are the five essential principles of the global system: Systemic, Sustainable, Saving, Safe, and Simple.

The 5 Ls are the five essential principles of the global ethic: Law (of Dependent Co-origination, i.e., all phenomena are interdependently co-originated), Life, Love, Liberation, and Lieless-ness.

The 5 Rs are the five principal ways to manage material flow: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rearrange, and Restore.

The 5 As are the five principal ways to manage information flow: Access, Assess, Agree, Act, and Advise.





























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Sesshin Stilling Suffering


Good morning!


After a long spell of hot and dry weather we had a brief thunderstorm yesterday, giving life to all. Sesshin (摂・接心) means embracing and touching the heart, which gives life to all. We live the long night of nescience of our life like heartless karma-automatons, unless we sit, still karma, and embrace and touch the heart of ourselves and all, the awakened heart, not a karmic one.


The Buddha advised us to protect our senses (dvāra-gutta: doors guarded, from karma consequences) and strive in the Awakened Way. The Awakened Way consists of awakening (bodhi)-nirvana or prognosis (prajňā)-cultivation (bhāvanā). Bhāvanā (cultivation, wakeful life, cf. Fourfold Efforts, etc.) is the causative form of bhava (becoming, blind karma-conditioned ordinary life).


The Eightfold Holy Way is to cultivate right view (sammā-dițțhi, seeing as it is), etc. Right (sammā) relates with the prefix sam (syn), the Holy Way, which leads to the cessation of suffering (nirvana) in the Four Holy Truths. Buddhist faith (pasāda, prasāda, from sad: sit, settle in truth, sacca, sat-ya, being-ness) is in contrast to belief (credo: saddhā, fervent devotion to personal doctrines).


Our karma creates the Triple Poisons of delusion, divisiveness, and desire, resulting in suffering. The constant cultivation or practice of sitting, stilling karma (conception, emotion, volition), perfects prognosis in peace (nirvana), making an awakened life in holy harmony, health, and happiness for anyone here and now. Let’s cultivate our karma living “a good day, every day,” for all.



Note: 1. Our ordinary life is karma-conditioned leading to the Triple Poisons, resulting in sin (=separated sickness: selfishness, self-righteousness, etc.) in suffering. Thus, we need to cultivate our karma led by the Triple Learning (sīla, samādhi, prajňā: morality, concentration, prognosis), resulting in holiness (=wholly wholesomeness: harmony, health, etc.) in happiness of all.

  1. Cultivation-prognosis or nirvana-awakening is intertwined combination like two wings or wheels to function free and full, mutually enabling and enhancing.
  2. Please refer to the further details:



























































































































































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