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Yesterday I sent an article to our listserve on meditation merits: regrowing DNA’s

terminating Telomeres and rebuilding the brain’s gray matter in 8 weeks. Early

scientific study started with brain wave research: increasing alpha waves. Its merits

have been known for several thousand years as the Zen posture, like the Buddha’s,

was found in a Indus civilization artifact.


Dogen said its merits are limitless. Limitless merits are made through different

levels of meditation, eventually in nirvana as the merit of melting limitless karma

complexes. Karma kinetics are in the fight or flight fatigue mode of struggle for

survival. Sitting stills all strife, stress, and suffering in the free and full function

mode of serenity in salvation.


Last Sunday we talked about Dhammapada verse 11, on misconceiving

non-essence as essence and vice versa, whose counterpart is verse 12 as follows:


Those who know essence as essence and non-essence as non-essence

Witness essence living in the realm of right thinking.        Dhp. 12

Humans out of their self-survival instincts strive to acquire, accumulate, and amass

matters, mights, and moneys limitlessly, considering them as essence and essential,

even sacrificing the true limitless liberation, light, love, and life. Essence (sāra) is

not rigid like heartwood, but fluid like essence or spirit extracted from plants or

grains, essence or core (coeur) of all things.


Essence is amrita, ambrosia of immortality, or nirvana – no-wind of karmas, karma

creations of matters, mights, moneys, and mine or me, material and mortal. The

amrita gate is opened by the Buddha for limitless meditation merits for all, but only

attained by those who enter through it with actual application to themselves with

cultivation/verification. Practice perfects.




Note: The article mentioned above is found at:






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Essential or Non-Essential




Good morning!


Yesterday in Japan people had the 20th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony of the

Great Earthquake in Hanshin Awaji with more than 6,000 casualties. Four years ago

they had the Great Earthquake in East Japan with more than 20,000 deaths. In

Lisbon an earthquake and tsunami claimed more than 40,000. In WWII more than

100,000,000 perished. Now, more than 40,000 species per year become extinct.

Global warming burns and buries the life system and nuclear holocaust will wipe out

life from our planet any moment.



Where do these disasters and destruction come from? They come essentially from

human karmas, which drive us into the triple poisons of craving, anger, and delusion,

the source of suffering. It is critically essential for humans to wake up from these

dreadful dreams and delusions. Human karmas are ingrained in our bodies, brains,

and bio-spheres through our genes, genus, and generations throughout evolutions

and environmental manipulations. A rat-race in any domain is doomed to demise,

never to development in wholly wholesome way world.



This is due to the defect denounced in the Dhammapada we read recently:


Those who consider non-essence as essence and view essence as non-essence

          Never witness essence living in the realm of false thinking.

                                                                                                                              Dhp. 11


The original word for essence is sāra, meaning “heart(wood),” “coeur,” and “core.”

But it is not a hard substance, it is rather “fluid,” the “extract” from plants squeezed

or strained of scums, sediments settled, as in sam-sāra (total flow). Someone

reflected on the earthquake and remarked that he sought something essential, not

destroyed by an earthquake or the earthly. Humans are deluded by non-essential

things like materialism, militarism – essentially me-ism – and they destroy

everything, including themselves.



This sāra is reflecting samāhita (from samādhi, jhāna, zen), pasanna (pra-sanna,

from sad, sat, settled,serene, purity), sammā-sankappa ( sammā from sat, to be,

right thinking), etc. in the preceding verses. That is nirvana, pure peace conditioned

by nothing, no karma wind blowing up and down. It is amrita, ambrosia of

immortality, whose gate the Buddha opened for all to witness and win – not wining

in the world of karmas, secular or religious. The Buddha said religion means

cultivation. Only practice makes perfect.












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Neither Chill Nor Heat




Good morning!

We had a few very chilly days going down to five degrees F. I posted pictures of the moon, morning sun, steaming sea, ducks, and daffodils sent from Japan on our blog yesterday. The chilly air makes the water steam, and ducks enjoying swimming in the warmer water.

A monk asked Tozan (Dongshan), “When chill and heat come, how can we evade them?” Tozan said, “Why don’t you go to the realm of neither chill nor heat.” The monk said, “Where is the realm of neither chill nor heat?” ” Tozan said, “In chill, chill kills you. In heat, heat kills you.”

The Buddha used to teach lay people about donation (dāna), morality (sīla), and birth in heaven (sagga). Birth in heaven means Brahma-vihāra, Brahman’s abode or living in friendship, compassion, joy, and equanimity (upekhā, lit. throwing away, as in the fourth stage of jhāna, zen).

Dogen put them in the “great, mature, and joyful heart,” detailing his teacher’s “soft tender heart.” Bodhisattvas strive for the Six Perfections (pāramitā) of donation, morality, forbearance, striving, concentration (samādhi), and prognosis (prajñā). Donations can be that of goods and good dharmas.















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Cool Circulating Constellations






Expansive Constellations in the Sky above Peaks of Yari-Hodaka Mountain Ranges

taken  by Mr. Masayoshi Hirasawa from Chogadake Peak

 タイトル  槍・穂高連峰の空に広がる冬の星座






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Moon, Morning Sun, Sea, Ducks, Daffodils


















P1040560 (1)













Photos thanks to Mr. Otsuka from Shimoda, Izu Peninsula, Japan

Facing Pacific Ocean with wintry wind, steaming sea, wild ducks, wild daffodils




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Wishing Wholly Wholesome Way World



Good morning and Happy New Year!


Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? I have resolved to do the most

important thing first. What is the most important thing? That is the life-death

matter. The Buddha was awakened to the truth of it as karma-kinetics and solved its

suffering by stilling karma, settling in nirvana beyond karma, and striving wakefully

in the supra-mundane truth.


I am reading the work Smiling Zen by Toru Matsumoto. When leaving Taiwan after

WWII, he faced the problem of selecting only his personal effects to take to Japan.

He spent days worrying about leaving six truck loads of books, some of them rare

ones left by his father. This was solved suddenly, when he thought of his death. So,

he took with him only one book – the Shoshikan.


The Shoshikan (Small Version Calming-Visioning: Samatha-Vipassanâ) is a

compilation of lectures given by Tendai Daishi, and it is the commentary on this

work, delivered by Matsumoto in a series of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Association)

broadcasts and later transcribed, that I am currently reading. Calming-visioning

leads anyone to nirvana-bodhi (awakening), making every day a good day as buddhas

(awakened ones).


The Buddhist Paths are said to be composed of 37 limbs, but they are the sum of the

Eightfold Holy Way, Seven Awakening Limbs, etc., so the basic items are the Triple

Learning of Sîla, Smâdhi, and Paññâ (Morality, Concentration, Prognosis)Right

livelihood, donation, and patience were added for lay practitioners. Donation is the

first step to open up small egos, which leads to the Wholly Wholesome Way World.












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Dawn Delight: Pacific Peace and Taiyo Typhoon































Thanks to Mr. Otsuka who sent the above pictures (first four: January 1, 2015 C.E. dawning day & last three: typhoon torrents in October) were sent from Japan (the island in the picture: Toshima, Tokyo, in the Pacific Ocean) as as in the past.





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The Origami Holiday Tree
















- info sent by Erin -

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Holy, Healthy, Happy Home!



Flowers invite butterflies without minds,

Butterflies visit flowers without minds,

When flowers bloom, butterflies come,

When butterflies come, flowers bloom,

I do not know people either,

People do not know me either,

Following the heavenly law without knowing.



Photo sent by Garyo taken at  Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona



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Good morning!

This morning before I came here I turned on TV Japan and found the program

Classic Books, featuring Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Its title was “Hamlet’s satori.”

It was discussing the soliloquy “To be or not to be.” His satori was not clearly

defined, but perhaps “Let it be.”


The Vedanta (Veda’s end or ultimate) message is “the unity of ātman and Brahman.”

Yājñavalkya reduces all gods to “That.” Prāṇa (breath/life) is That, through which

ātman (self, breath) and Brahman (Cosmos, space, life) are identified as selves

(breath) that correspond with Cosmos (air space).


Thus, sac-cid-ānanda (sat, cit, ānanda: being, consciousness, bliss) is said to be

the characteristic of the Self. This has the practical merit of ourselves as Brahman

(no Separate Absolute Other: God), hopefully bringing prāṇa to full function of

saccidānanda (prāṇa becoming prajñā/ānanda)etc.


“Let it be” and “breath/life” are in karma kinetics. Nirvana transcends them  in

limitless life and light (amita-ābha, -āyus), or limitless life, light, liberation,

and love (amita-prāṇa, -prajñā, -priya-dhāman, -prema), beyond limited

mundane life in practice (bhāvanā: cultivation = verification).





1. Bhava (becoming) is karma-kinetics, but bhāvanā (cause to become) is practice

in cultivation = verification) stilling karma-kinetics in nirvana and awakening.

2. Priya-dhāman is free-dom, meaning “beloved domain, friendly domain” with all -

wholly wholesome way world.










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