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We have a peaceful Sunday morning with our sesshin (摂心、接心), embracing and touching the heart. Last night I read the correspondence between Einstein and Freud, under the auspices of the League of Nations and its International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation at Paris in 1932, on the “the most insistent of all the problems civilization has to face.” Einstein asked, “Is there any way to deliver mankind from the menace of war?” He suggested a judicial and legislative body to settle international conflicts with its effective power. Nations’ sovereignty has prevented this with a power (political, military, industrial) complex using schools, the press, churches, and mobilizing the masses. He suspected the existence of the lust (instinct) for hatred and destruction in man and asked Freud if this can be controlled in order to stop all armed conflicts.


Freud was rather pessimistic, given the two human instincts of love (to live, Eros) and hate (to harm, Thanatos), but he agreed with Einstein that the only sure way to avoid wars was the establishment of a supreme court and executive force for it, and he suggested that there may be the two ways to lead the interwoven instincts toward love (as an antidote to hate, for a community of bonds and peace) and the advance of culture (strengthening intellect and introverting aggression; decreasing savages and increasing pacifists). He thought that the human cultural disposition and a well-founded dread of future wars might serve to put an end to war in the near future. He thought cultural developments would eventually go against war (though he did not distinguish between culture and civilization, see below, which makes problems unclear and solutions unattainable).


I came across a practical idea of deconstruction – I thought about asking my nephew to send sweet rice (for rice cakes in the New Year’s days) in smaller bags, for the sake of the recipient who would carry them in after delivery, and then considered why the person could not divide a previously received heavy bag into smaller portions to carry in. Einstein and Freud could not deconstruct institutional and ideological fictions (nations, companies, education, media, religions, civilizations, individuals, instincts). An artificial, uni-directional, pyramidal civilization in sin (separated selfish sick suffering) with its fivefold calamities (delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination) must be deconstructed to a natural, cyclical, Indra-net culture in holiness (wholly wholesome way world) with its fivefold blisses (awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace).


Humans (even those believing in fictions or money-buying fictitious bodies) make war crimes, pollution devastation, nuclear (bomb/plant) holocaust, ecological destruction, global warming, species demise, mass extinction, etc., against nature and the natural order (Dharma) of Dependent Origination (interdependent system). The Awakened Way replaces the Triple Poisons of love, hate, and delusion (of separate, same, sovereign self) with the Triple Learning (of morality, concentration, and prognosis), the karma world with the Dharma world, the small-self blindness of more greed, dissatisfaction, agitation, mindlessness, idleness, looseness, foolishness, and speculations with the great-person awakening of less desire, satisfaction, abstinence, right mindfulness, right striving, right concentration, right prognosis, no speculations (view, dogma, chatter, etc.), and so forth.





Note: Einstein and Freud correspondence:








































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Severing Fluxes and Saving from Flooding


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With the time change we have a beautiful bright Sunday morning after serene sittings and service. I forwarded a National Geographic film titled Before the Flood to our listserv. The Flood this time is caused by mankind. It showed how our living causes flooding, crop destruction, the submerging of islands, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, wild fires, the slowing of sea streams, maybe even earthquakes, though seismologists say we are now in an active period.


Buddhists have two islands or refuges, Dharma and self (Dhamma-dīpa/dvīpa, attan-dīpa). As we recited the Triple Treasures or Refuges, “I take refuge in the Dharma,” the self here becomes Dharma, Dharma-body, through cultivation. It is through repenting the Triple Poisons of attachment, aversion and delusion, and taking the Four Universal Vows of saving all, severing defilements, learning all Dharma gates, and achieving the Awakened Way.


We learn the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination, as in the Four Holy Truths of suffering, its origination, its cessation, and the way of ceasing, as in the Eightfold Holy Ways, right view, thinking, speech, action, livelihood, striving, mindfulness, concentration.  Religion is cultivation in sitting, ceasing karma and entering nirvana or reunion of a sinful self with the holy Dharma, a shift from delusion (in karma) to the Dharma (in nirvana, thus holy and right).


The Buddhas (Shakyamuni, Dogen, et al.) gave the Great Person’s Eightfold Awakening as the concrete Way as their last lessons to their disciples: little desire, knowing satisfaction, forsaking (association), right mindfulness, right concentration, right striving, right awakening, no idle talk. Let’s practice to make our islands greater and the flooding (samsara suffering) smaller with all, serving and saving all, severing streaming fluxes (āsava: leaks, defilements).























































































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Holy Harmony, Health, and Happiness


Good morning,


We have a serene sunny Sunday in sesshin. Sesshin (接心、摂心) is embracing and touching the heart/mind – the Buddha heart/mind in wholly wholesome harmony and happiness. Yesterday I watched an NHK special program titled “You, too, can enjoy health and longevity.” There are now some sixty-six thousand centenarians in Japan and about six times more in our world. They have common characteristics in their life attitudes and styles.


The relationship between heredity and longevity is 25%, and 75% is due to other factors, thus no one is bound by genes. Other factors influencing health and longevity introduced were diet (changing health in some countries, but not other countries), gut bacteria biome, exercise, fine capillaries (not only supplying oxygen to cells, but removing refuse), chronic inflammation (causing diabetes, etc.), and metal attitudes (positive, altruistic, unattached, etc.).


There are two (bad and good) kinds of satisfaction, gained from selfish desires (gluttony, greed, etc.) and altruistic aspiration (coming from human history, that is, surviving by cooperation). There is a phenomenon called “age (or rather “maturity” from wider experience and wiser choices) transcendence” (from negatives – worries, prejudices, etc.). Dr. Hino, 105 years old, said he had suffering before the age of 100, but no more after it.


Maturity transcendence reminds me of the transcendence by nirvana through cultivation, practice of zazen, sitting meditation (stilling karma, seeing dharma, serving & saving all). The first of the Eightfold Awakenings of a Great Person is little desire and satisfaction. Desire, divisiveness, and delusion come from karma, leading to strife and suffering. Prognosis in (ageless, deathless) nirvana endows us with wholly wholesome harmony, health, and happiness.



































































BGR 2016 Walk to Feed the Hungry


(This last picture is borrowed from the MABA website.)

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Events: Feed the Hungry Walk 11/30 (Sat.)










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Bright Boundless Beautiful Buddha Heart


Good morning!


We have a splendid, serene Sunday morning after our sittings and service. We saw a bright, boundless, beautiful world even at the half moon stage of the super, hunter, full moon one week earlier. The super moon is brighter due to its closest proximity to the earth. The bright, boundless, beautiful full moon represents the Buddha heart.


When we come closer to the Buddha heart, our world becomes brighter, more boundless, and beautiful, like the world illuminated by a moon that is closer, or closest to us, like the super full moon. When we are closer to good friends (kalyāna mitra), we can enjoy our bright, boundless, beautiful world, as the Buddha said that friends make our whole life.


When we take refuge in the Triple Treasures of the Awakened (Buddha), Dharma, and Sangha, we are endowed with the bright, boundless, and beautiful world of wholly wholesome truth, goodness, and beatitude, as we were this morning. We take refuge in them as the supreme of the unsurpassed, the supreme of purity, and the supreme of harmony.


We cultivate ourselves in the Triple Learning of morality, concentration, and prognosis (sīla, samādhi, prajňā), ceasing the Triple Poisons of desire, divisiveness, and delusion, walking in the Eightfold Holy Ways, the Sevenfold Awakening Limbs, the Sixfold Perfection of Prognosis, etc., witnessing the Four Holy Truths in nirvana and unsurpassed awakening.










– The half moon is in the center of the above picture –



































































































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Self and System Samsara Suffering


Good morning!


We have a beautiful, bright, clear, and calm autumn Sunday with sittings and service. Tonight we can see the full moon, which represents the Buddha heart, beautiful, bright, clear, and calm. Sitting in the best physical, breathing, and mental forms in nirvana-awakening, both sides of one thing, is completely different from ordinary sitting, standing, or sleeping, even if they seem still.


Let’s see the Twelvefold Dependent Co-origination chart, which explains well our life cycle, called the becoming-wheel, samsara wheel. Nescience or non-witness of nirvana-awakening is the root cause of samsara suffering, with craving leading to formations, and suffering (Three Steps) and appropriation or identification leading to becoming (Six Ways), making the Triple Poisons.


Formations (present, past physical, verbal, and mental karmas) turn this wheel, constantly creating forms in samsara suffering. Cessation of them in constant practice makes perfect in prognosis-nirvana, penetrating insight into this mechanism in stopping the karma wind, function of the body, mouth, and mind with hereditary self-survival sense with the nerves, hormones, etc.


Karma lets us take meals to sustain the becoming wheel, making individual karma into societal ones far greater and ominous like nationalism, nukes, civilizations, mass extinction. Constant countering and calming karma is more important than taking meals to solve samsara suffering. Continuous com-mitment is essential to cease suffering in the Dharma world making dharma.
















































































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Wholly Wholesome Way World


Good morning!


We have a calm and cool world after sittings. Sitting make us settled in holiness. The Fourfold Holy Truths are the truths of our existence and the existential truths to become holy (wholly wholesome) and happy. The first existential truth is suffering (duk-kha: wrong-going, going against wishes): birth, sickness, aging, death, loss, parting, meeting the disliked, unable to attain wishes, in short, rampant five aggregates, essentially karma existence.


The second truth is the source of suffering, which is identified as craving (lit. thirst, tańhā, like drinking sea water when shipwrecked, which increases thirst). Craving (strong desire) comes from the delusion of a separated self (sin = separation, causing suffering, see above) Desire, divisiveness, and delusion (root of former two) are called the Triple Poisons (coming from sinful karma), poisoning all. Sin is the source of suffering and holiness is that of happiness.


The third truth is the cessation of the source of suffering, identified as nirvana. Nirvana (nib-bāna, ni-vāta: no-wind) is the cessation of karma-wind blowing us into the Triple Steps of delusion-action-suffering and the cycle of the Six Ways of hell being, hungry ghost, fighting devil, animal being, human being, and celestial being (karma-wind is known from the Twelvefold Dependent Co-origination and the cessation process of Zen: jhāna,Pali: dhyāna, Skt.).


The fourth truth is the way leading to cessation or nirvana in the Triple Learning of morality (sīla), concentration (samādhi), and prognosis (prajňā) to counter the Triple Poisons (corresponding to the Holy Ways: Sevenfold Awakening Limbs, Eightfold Holy Ways, the Sixfold Perfection of Prognosis, etc.). Discrimination is sin, separating the wholly wholesome way world in individual, social, and ecological levels. Nationalism is sinful in wars, etc.











































The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan.



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Sitting, Stilling in Schools, Societies, and Systems


Good morning!


We have now very good weather and world after sitting and service. Yesterday I forwarded articles on school meditation to our listserv. We hope more schools, societies, and systems of life learn meditation and live with it, changing the world for the better, hopefully the best, with paradigm shifts.


Individually we must shift from karma to dharma through nirvana, no-wind of karma blowing us into samsara suffering. Karma creates the triple poisons, similar to original sin, but it is changeable, with the four efforts of decreasing and stopping bad karma, starting and increasing good karma in awakening.


Socially we must shift from an artificial unilateral pyramidal civilization (= urbanization) with its fivefold calamity of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination, to a natural cyclical Indra-net culture with the fivefold bliss of awakening, freedom, equality, love, and peace of and for all.


Ecologically we must shift from nature in karma to exploit to nurture in nirvana to enhance its truth, goodness, beauty, and peace in full flowering and fruiting. We must shift from sin (separation sickness) to holiness (wholly wholesomeness) all through these levels and realms in space and time.

























The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan.


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Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, …


Good morning!


We have a clear cool atmosphere after the Sunday sesshin sittings and service and the fall equinox. We call the equinox higan (彼岸), yonder shore, meaning nirvana. Sesshin means embracing the mind (接心) and touching the heart (摂心), eventually the Buddha-heart in nirvana and awakening. We are fortunate to sit together as zen-yū, Zen friends (禅友) and good friends (善友), kalyāna-mitra, translated into Sino-Japanese as zenchishiki (善知識, lit. good knowledge or knower, as a true friend is a knower of goodness).


Mitra (tomo: 友) is from mit (tomo: 共: together, cf. German mit, tra expresses means or agent), because a friend is together, especially in need, as a friend in need is a friend indeed. When Ananada, Buddha’s constant attendant, said, “Now I know that friends make half of my life,” the Buddha said, “Don’t say so, Ananada, friends make the whole of your life.” Good friends make a good life, and bad friends make a bad life, as a person is known by the company he keeps. We are actually together with all, making them friends and life.


Higher, world, or universal religions make their ideal figure a friend (Mitra, Mithra, Maitreya, Mazda, Massiah, Messiah, etc.), a good friend with good knowledge, compassionate and conversant with truth (Dharma, Dao, Dei, Divine, etc.) and path (Patha, Paṭipadā, Pratipad, Way, etc.). Their ideal figure is a future savior of all, because it is to be realized by all as everyone’s potential so that all may become friends of all, not foes of any. In the ordinary world, the karma world, our karma machine must cultivate for this goal.


Karma machines in the conventional world see and start from the (sinful = separated) self (delusion, original sin), with desire and divisiveness (triple poisons by karma), not seeing the holy truth (Dharma of Dependent Co-origination, unified whole), not cultivating in the triple learning (morality, concentration, prognosis).  Those who settle in holiness (nirvana, heaven, etc.) must serve and save them (as bodhi-sattvas, awakening-beings, suffering servants, etc.), swimming in the karma world, staying in the nirvana base.






























































































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New Zen Buddhism Wiki

Please visit the following site for a new systematic understanding of Zen Buddhism

(New interpretation of Dependent Co-origination, nirvana, etc.):

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