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Moon Moving Clear Cool

Good morning!   We could see the clear-cut crescent moon in the clear cool sky. But, the full moon, the Buddha mind, is behind its waning and waxing appearances and beyond all clouds and commotions.   The Buddha said, “Walk alone, like the horn of a rhino.” I remember huge rhinos   like elephants in Africa. The full moon goes alone in the vast clear cool sky,   unaffected by anything.   4/5/13   Note: Cf. The Suttanipata, Chapter 3, Horn of Rhino, Verses 35 – 75, which include the last stanza as below:   People associate with and serve others for their own benefits. It is difficult to gain a friend aiming at no gains. Those who know only their own benefits are dirty. Walk alone like the lone horn of the rhino. – The Suttanipata, 3.75       National Geographic

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Fleeting Cloud Flowing Water

Good morning!   After the rain all the plants and animals seem fresher and greener, and we can enjoy crisp clear air with the sounds of flowing water and singing birds.   Unsui Daigaku came and went, giving limitless life … Continue reading

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