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From Sinful Suffering to Holy Happiness

      Good morning!   We have very good weather with crisp, clear, cool air breezes like autumn today. We have especially holy harmony and happiness after sittings and service. I watched the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Special, “1945-1946, … Continue reading

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From Karma-machine to Dharma-maker

  Good morning!   Rain made the dry summer scene into the rainy season. This may be a part of global warming. Yesterday I saw our grandchildren, just over two years old, carrying big cantaloupes, holding them firmly from farm … Continue reading

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Working Wholly Wholesome Way World

  Good morning!   We have a peaceful and harmonious Sunday morning after sittings and service as usual. We don’t, however, know what will happen next. About this time on a hot summer morning seventy-one years ago the first A-bomb … Continue reading

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Limitless Light, Liberation, Likeness, Love, and Life

    Good morning!   We have a calm clear Sunday morning after sittings and service. We are in sesshin, which means touching the heart (接心) and embracing it (摂心). The heart expresses an integral psycho-physical system and function, which … Continue reading

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