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Dream in Dream

  What was your first dream this year? For Japanese people, auspicious dreams are said to be Mt. Fuji, a hawk, an eggplant, and a funeral ceremony.   Mt. Fuji is the most beloved beautiful mountain, sitting solid and serene, standing alone in a streaming line out of the plain.   A hawk soars free and far high in the heavens, able anytime to swiftly sweep down to the domain as it likes.   An eggplant is an elegant delicacy, but discouraged for brides to eat, probably suggesting birth, especially if a funeral is considered.   A funeral is considered ominous and even avoided to think about, but auspicious, if it brings one to awaken to dream life and realize limitless life.   Dreams express our concerns, present and past, and relate to our dreams, small and great, for our future, private and public in both kinds of dreams.   1/3/14                 From        

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Whiteout Horror

Good morning! This morning’s news from Japan described the whiteout conditions of a snow storm that took nine lives in Hokkaido. Just one or two hundred meters away from their homes, the people were disoriented or completely lost.     … Continue reading

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Today’s NHK program “Meet the Legend” was on Hojo Shuji, a drama writer. He and Kikuta Kazuo negotiated hard to get on board an airplane from Taipei to Japan, but failed. Later, reading a newspaper extra issue in their hotel, they learned that … Continue reading

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