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Super Full Moon Eclipse

Good evening! Let’s share a part of the following comment and pictures by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka who often share his beautiful pictures with us here: I happened to sing Rev. Honen’s poem: Even though the Moon light reaches every countryside, … Continue reading

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Triple Treasures & Pillars

  Good morning!   We have a bright sunny Sunday of sesshin. Sesshin is to wake up from the long night of nescience. So, we have the triple pillars of Awakened Way, Global Ethic, and Voluntary Simplicity at our center … Continue reading

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Karma & Akarma  業と止業

  Good morning!   We have a very bright morning here, though on the east coast, East Asia, and East Europe people are having heavy snowstorms with damage. A month after the winter solstice we have the Great Chill officially … Continue reading

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Samsara (Karma World) & Nirvana (No-karma State)

  Due to the extreme cold, heating my car made its windows clouded. Without experience this can make one panicked and involved in an accident. If, however, one knows the causal relations involved, one has no problems. The karma world … Continue reading

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Sitting Striving: Shedding Suffering

  Good morning!   We have a bright beautiful morning after a fortnight since the winter solstice, gaining daytime. We usually say, “Happy New Year!” Shall we seek happy happening, desiring brain expansion or discarding this planet as I mentioned … Continue reading

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Primordial Peace Prognosis Practice

  Good morning!   We had a nice, clear, cool sitting despite severe weather at the end of the year. Yesterday I watched an NHK Educational TV program on “Man and AI, the Future at Hand Now.” Raymond Kurzweil mentioned … Continue reading

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