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Delivered from Delusion, Desire, and Divisiveness

Good evening!   Today is Halloween Day, all hallows day. We all become deprived, dehumanized, die, and are hallowed.   Our gift to the deprived, dead, and hallowed is to be truly with (mit), becoming true friends (mitra), especially in … Continue reading

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Human Hurricanes

Good morning!   There is a clear, calm, and cool full moon illuminating the world high in the sky.   Below, under the sky, we had a hurricane disaster. Someone said, “It is not Hurricane Sandy, but Hurricane Standard, Exxon, … Continue reading

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Trifold Treasure

Good morning!   We can still see the clear, calm, cool full moon in the spacious sky. It presents penetrating purity, peace, and prognosis. The triple poisons of desire, divisiveness, and delusion are turbidities in the transparent terrain. Even laughter, … Continue reading

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Becoming Transparent without Turbidity and Turbulence

Good evening!   We have now the big, bright, brilliant full moon, directly facing the light source pure and penetrating, reflecting it like a great, round, speckless mirror, and illuminating the whole world, clear and calm.   It is compared … Continue reading

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Catch Clear Cool Full Moon

Good morning!   Early risers can catch the cool, clear full moon. Early sitters can catch the bright, beautiful full moon minds.   Dogen saw the full moon and made his poem:   Even in the autumn, when I’d expect … Continue reading

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Sit and Stay with All

Good morning!   Just sitting, doing nothing, is staying with all beings in holy, wholly wholesome, harmonious, healthy, happiness, stopping separated, small, selfish business. This is the way to share the universal, limitless life, light, liberation, love, and learning. This … Continue reading

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Simple Straight Sitting

Good morning!   We will see the full moon in the clear sky tonight. After the leaves have fallen, trees are exposed to crisp cool air. The world is chilly, going to the freezing point now.   After our sittings, … Continue reading

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True Triple Treasures

Good morning! The mind moon is almost full. The body is exposed to the golden wind, as leaves are falling. The world is getting cold; it’s almost to the freezing point now. I visited Japan to meet my brother, recently … Continue reading

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Ultimate Resort and Refuge for All

Good evening!   We have a calm quiet fall day. Especially when we sit, we can be in a stormless state, like the equinox, the yonder shore (higan:彼岸 ), in peace.   There we have the ultimate resort and refuge. … Continue reading

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Time Waits for Nothing!

Good morning!   The moon is quickly approaching its crescent moon phase. The month is advancing swiftly to windy winter.   Time waits for no man – nothing! This is the gravest reality. This requires the greatest readiness.   10/9/12 … Continue reading

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