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New Zen Buddhism Wiki

Please visit the following site for a new systematic understanding of Zen Buddhism (New interpretation of Dependent Co-origination, nirvana, etc.):

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Socially Engaged Buddhism Event (on Water)

  Please participate: Socially_engaged_Buddhism_3_22_15_Water_Waves_Flyer (1)

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Buddha’s Birthday: Flower Festival

      The northern Buddhist tradition celebrates the Buddha’s Birthday, also called “Flower Festival” (hana-matsuri: 花祭り) on April 8, when flowers are in full bloom.   The Buddha entered into nirvana (no wind of karma blowing up and down) … Continue reading

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Zen Buddhism Classes

        Class  Plan   1st Class:  On Buddha (Awakened One): What is Buddhism?  Awakening in truth/peace, Delusion > problem, desire > suffering Why Zen is needed? To stop karma > witness nirvâna (no-wind: unconditioned peace) How to do Zazen?   Bodily, breathing, mental forms & functions in order, free full functioning   2nd Class:  On Dharma (Form/Norm, phenomena/law operating in them): What is the Triple Treasure?  Buddha: Dharma: Sangha, not fiction, fortune and fame What is the Dharma, Karma?  12 Dependent Origination (see attached illustration) Dharma world: Indra-net: limitlessly interdependent, 3 x 2 karmas > karma- machine   3rd Class:  On Sangha (Community): Limitless life, light, liberation and love: selfless: holy ~ ocean, selfish: sinful ~ bubble Three Dharma Marks: impermanence: suffering (duk-kha: wrong-going), selflessness Mahayana ideal: Bodhisattva (awakening being) vow: saving others first and self … Continue reading

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Serene Satisfaction

Good morning!   We have a nice, sunny spring Sunday with a serene atmosphere, especially after sittings. Now we can open the windows and hear the singing of birds, and even see them and flowers. In Japan they are going to have the Flower Festival, … Continue reading

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Buddha Path: Buddha-Mind Seal

Good evening!   Dogen in his Genjōkōan, Realizing Universal Truth, describes the Buddha’s Path thus:   To learn the Buddha Way is to learn the self. To learn the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to drop off the bodies and minds of the self and others. To drop off the bodies and minds of the self and others is to be verified by all dharmas. The trace of awakening is at rest and extinct. The traceless awakening at rest and extinction is furthered on and on.   Just groping for an elephant has not started even the first step. But this sitting with the Buddha-mind Seal is the beginning, the middle, and the end of unconditioned peace and unsurpassed awakening. So, let us strive concentratedly, constantly, and indomitably without indolence.   2/19/13  

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Supreme Supramundane State

Good morning!   Zazen brings us to a completely different world than the ordinary one. Of course we have a different world from moment to moment. So, we can enjoy spring after winter. We must withstand a chilly winter after … Continue reading

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Human Hells

Good evening!   Today we got the news of 9,000 radiation-caused cancer cases per year near the Indian Point nuclear power plant, located 25 miles from New York City. The other day we received other news of children’s cancer deaths … Continue reading

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Karma, Cultivation, Culture

Good morning!   Last night after sitting we had discussion as usual. Someone said that he had noticed his color-blindness only at age 18 or 19. Even blind people can cultivate their sense of space – size of the room, … Continue reading

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Shedding Samsara Suffering

Good evening!   When we sit, we have a good evening and good day. When we take shower or bath, we shed sweat and soil and feel good. When we sit, we stop our karmas and shed our samsara and … Continue reading

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