Hardest to Harvest: 成し難きことを成し遂げられた


Good morning!


This is the Equinox (Ohigan: Yonder Shore: Nirvana) and Easter season with all life forms springing up, flowering, and fruiting until they fall down. Soon we will have the Flower Festival, Buddha’s Birthday celebration. The Buddha, it is said, achieved the hardest thing to achieve. He was awakened to the universal truth of interdependent co-origination, and solved all suffering by testifying karma kinetics and transcended them by sitting still, and stilling them.


He cultivated and verified the awakening and awakened way himself and shared the method with us so that we could do the same and enjoy the Awakened Way ourselves. We must cultivate and verify it in nirvana / awakening after we spring up and before we fall down. The Buddha seemed the poorest person, but he lived on joy even when he did not get anything in his begging bowl, living in holy (wholly wholesome) harmony, health, and happiness with all always, even here, now.


Climbing a mountain requires aspiration to climb to the high peak to see and savor the sights and senses. One may start walking through thick woods with birds singing and animals lingering in the beginning, gradually going up high to brush and mountain flower fields with winds and wide views. One may think the peak is near, but arriving there, find another further up. Once one reaches the highest peak, one can command all the peaks around. Climbing is itself calming and clearing throughout.


One must aspire to climb and command the total view of the world in the path to the peak of the Awakened Way. One must continue walking step by step through thickets, small stone steps or steep slippery slopes, dark dense fogs or dangerous deadly cliffs with cautions and concentrations. One may have a sudden breeze or broken views through mist or unexpected snow or lightening. If, however, one continues climbing in concentration, one enjoys a calm clear state throughout the process, eventually commanding peaks.







































The above pictures were taken and shared by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka


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