Karma to Dharma


Good morning!


We have a bright sunny spring morning in holy harmony after sittings and service. The Buddha said, “I live on joy,” when the devil whispered into his ears not getting food after alms round. Buddhas live on joy in limitless life, light, liberation, and love in holy (wholly wholesome) truth, goodness, and beauty.


Dogen said, “To learn the Awakened Way is to learn the self, to learn the self is to forget the self, to forget the self is to be verified by all dharmas, to be verified by all dharmas is to drop off the bodies and minds of oneself and others. Awakening trace is at rest and extinct. Traceless awakening is furthered on and on.


Learning is like baby birds flapping their wings to fly. It is learning with the whole body/mind/world, forgetting the self, verified by all dharmas, flying fully and freely. Unless one forgets oneself, one can’t verify all dharmas freely and fully, and vice versa. Even precious, gold in the eye hurts.


Sitting in Samadhi is called the Buddha-heart seal, sealing in the same state of stilling karma (nirvana). Hearts and minds were developed to live better, but worse, if learning leads to selfish karmas. Selfish (sinful) suffering or holy (wholly) happiness depends on the learning line and limit – cultivation and verification.










































































The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan

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