Nirvana for New Views and Values:新観点と新価値の為の涅槃


Good morning!


We have a beautiful bright morning after our sittings and service. Did you see the big bright full moon like the super moon? The full moon represents the Awakened heart in nirvana illuminating the world. Nirvana is no wind of karma – conceptions, emotions, volitions, thus no conventions of self identity or appropriation, becoming someone or something, emptiness of all in the original zero, śūnyatā, as we recited and read in the Heart Sutra.


Originally there was nothing in our hearts, but we have gradually learnt to become Joe, Jim, et al as we grew up. Before we became such and such, we were humans, and before such specific ones, we were living beings. Why can’t we belong to living beings, before humans or national citizens? Why can’t we be beyond all such conventions and constrictions which limit our views and values? Why not limitless life in limitless light, liberation, and love?


Awakening in nirvana let anyone going beyond conventions and see things completely objective and not obstructed. Thus the Buddha could penetrate through universal and ultimate truths and ethics, performed them, and prognosticated them for all. He was awakened to the truth of interdependent co-origination of all phenomena, thus impermanence (no self-sameness), suffering (no self-sovereignty), and no self (no self same sovereign substance).


Acknowledging and accepting the truth is the way to solve problems and sufferings. Anyone can do the same in practicing cultivation and verification leading to limitless light, liberation, life, and life in holy (wholly wholesome) harmony, health, and happiness from sinful (separated sick) selfishness and suffering. Two wings of concentration and continuity are essential in sitting still, stilling karmas, and seeing dharmas.






































The above pictures were sent by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka from Japan

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