Substancelessness, Shûnyatâ, of Self Samsara Suffering

Good morning!


We have a very cold morning, going below the freezing point. The temperature is going up and down. The world is in gain and loss. We undergo birth and death. This is the truth of all phenomena, without substance or without self-substance, due to dependent origination.


But, we are caught up in ups and downs, gain and loss, and birth and death. When we sit, we stop karmas, involvement or involution into this process, and we penetrate through all phenomena in emptiness or substancelessness (shûnyatâ), settling in no attachment, aversion, or delusion.


Our existence of five aggregates is empty of self-substance. Our world is empty of self-substance, dependently originated in our minds. When our minds stop straying, we get into nirvana, unconditioned peace. Our practice makes perfect in this process. Thus, we can live every day as a good day.




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