Practice Plant

Good evening!


We had a hot day today and a record high temperature for the month in March. So I sowed seeds then and harvested lettuce, radish, and strawberries today. I transplanted some seedlings from crowded places. It is hard for them to get rooted. We must water them well enough, especially until they get rooted.


Once plants get rooted, they grow quickly. Trees and bushes grow swiftly and strongly. Small honeysuckle shoots are easy to pull out by fingers or hands, but once they establish their roots, they must be trimmed or cut down year after year. Cherry trees can live tens, hundreds, or even a thousand years if well taken care of.


Practice is like a plant. We must sow seeds, water seedlings, constantly taking care to get them rooted and established. Then we can be deeply rooted and grow great, enjoying the full sunlight, rain, even snow or storms, giving flowers, fruits, shade, shelter, love, life, harmony, and happiness, with birds, bees, and all beings.




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