From Karma to Nirvana



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We have now beautiful magnolias, daffodils, forsythia, plums, and pears blooming according to the universal natural law. However, humans are now blasting the holy harmony of the natural world due to their individual karma idiosyncrasies. Only humans create wars, weapons, nukes, global warming, mass extinction, etc., causing suffering not only among themselves, but for all others, leading to the destruction of the world.


The Four Sufferings are birth, sickness, aging, and death, and the Eight Sufferings are these four plus not acquiring the desired, parting with the beloved, meeting the hated, and, in short, the rampant raging of the Five Aggregates. The Two Roots or Sources of sufferings are craving and nescience (delusion of a separated self, identification, lit. no witness, of the selfless nature of all), which are the prime movers (karma) of suffering and samsara.


The Triple Poisons of delusion, divisiveness, and desire poison all to perish. Karma (cognate of ceremony, formations) creates psycho-physical systems (Five Aggregates and their worlds), their actions, habits, and heredities, recreating these cycles. Karma (forms and formations as the Five Aggregates and the Triple Poisons in the Twelvefold Dependent Co-origination) is the fundamental problem to be recognized and resolved. Karma solutions is in stilling karma.


Zazen stills karmas (old and new physical, verbal, and mental actions, habits, etc.), leading to nirvana (no wind, of karma) and awakening (witness, prognosis) in it, which he attained and actualized. In Dogen’s Universal Recommendation of Right Zazen we read, “Learn the right form and never doubt the true dragon…The treasure house will open by itself, and you will appreciate and use it at will (nyoi).” Those who have the nyoi-shu, wish-fulfilling gem are dragons.











































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