Karma Cultivation

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Spring is the season for sowing seeds. Without sowing seeds we cannot harvest good crops that, over time, become organic building blocks from present to future.


Awakening starts with aspiration and cultivation, which is different from growing plants. Growing plants takes time conditioned by the whole universe and history.


This practice takes the reverse process, taking down our accumulated karma blocks. Concentrated and continuous aspiration and cultivation decrease these blocks.


Aspiration and cultivation determine how quickly and completely the blocks are decreased to zero, nirvana, windless, or asankhata, uncreated, unconditioned peace.


That is why Dogen recommended that we practice the true zazen, with right physical and mental forms and the right meanings, means, ends, and endeavors.


Only aspiration and action, seeding and caring, actualize unconditioned peace, fruition, and enables unsurpassed awakening, understanding how our karmas work.


From that point we need to build up our new good karmas to deal with our all daily situations with all in the world, ever expanding and enlightened.


The awakened way’s praxis cycle of aspiration, action, awakening, and unconditioned peace go on and on. Otherwise long and deep seated karmas take us over.


Our continuous and concentrated practice reduces old bad karmas and increases new good karmas, making our lives easier and quicker to work with the world.





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