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Global Ethic

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Now we witness such books and articles as “The End of the World,” “The End of Everything.” Environmental pollution, extinction of species, exhaustion of resources, exploitation of life system, etc. are just an apparent tip of a huge hidden iceberg. We sense this, but not know exactly. Reality is far beyond stale stereotyped common senses. Our maps and manuals are outdated and obsolete.

We need new guidelines for new realities. With this sense of urgency, religious representatives from all over the world gathered at the 2nd Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993 and issued “The Declaration Toward a Global Ethic,” renewing the universal principles among them, no killing, no stealing, no lying, no sexual immorality —reinterpreted as equal partnership between genders. Religion is the holy way—whole and wholesome—following universal truth and embracing all.

Based on this, the Interaction Council composed of ex-presidents andex-prime ministers drafted “The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities” to be issued from the United Nations to become a congeneal part of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in its 50th Anniversary. Once it is issued, it will become essential life principles employed in treaties, constitutions, laws, etc.

As in the case of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or any historical events, it becomes reality of course once realized, though it seemed impossibility before it happens. That means that we sense it but do not realize it: we believe but do not activate. We must take a bold step forward constantly and live out a compassionate life style. We sincerely hope everyone’s endorsement, encouragement and enrichment toward this goal.

Your response, endorsement and action, etc. are requested.

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